6 Proven Strategies To Get People To Respond To Your Email

Emails are not hard to send and that’s why every day a user receives 121 emails in their inbox per day.

However, people do not think twice to ignore such a big number of emails. For the same reason, even if you are sending any important mails to someone, you need to face quite a tough competition in order to ensure your emails get read and replied to.

In case you want to increase the chances of getting a response to your emails, here in this article you will find some proven strategies for that.

Read on to know some simple tips and tricks to get replies back for your emails.

Ask For a Response in the Subject Line

Sometimes, you have to just ask for a response. Sounds simple, isn’t it? If you intend to get a response to your email, you have to mention it in the subject. Like you might get emails that say “Response Needed” in the subject line. Such kinds of emails are capable of drawing people’s attention; they do get a reply back most of the time. So, if you too want to get a proper response you can simply try asking for it.

Don’t Skip the Greetings Part

If you send an email that doesn’t start with an address to the recipient, it can be easily made up that it is an en masse one. Hence, no response is required. Moreover, an email without a greeting can also be deemed as a demand and not a request. The greeting is simply more respectful and polite. That’s why always greet the recipients in your emails.

Mention Your Request Straightforwardly

The most commonly made mistake while writing an email is that of burying the actual purpose or subject matter. Always start your email writing about what you actually want a response for. After that you can move on to describe why you need that response. Do not forget to mention your deadline as well.

For example, “I’d be obliged if you can let me know about all of it by the 23rd at most”.

Keep the Content To-the-point

No one has the time for long paragraphs in this fast-paced world. Hence, keeping the matter in your email short and precise is always better. This becomes convenient for the respondent to go through and quickly understand the need of the sender and as a result you will get a better and quick response.

It is suggested to keep the word limit between 50 to 125.

Use the Power of Cold Emails

If you are not aware of cold emails then you should know cold emails are nothing but a new format of email marketing People used to achieve their business goals like getting prospect leads for their business or simply promoting their business.

This email is specifically called cold emails because People generally do not have any relation with the email recipient.

Cold email outreach is a great way to have conversations with specific and targeted consumers. In order to send a cold email in which you can get responses you need to follow some guidelines.

The first step is to set your goals first And then find prospective customers who can use your products or service you are offering. You cannot just sell a pension plan to an already retired person.

Apart from that, introduction of you and your company is as important as you set a clear subject line on your email.

Lastly, short and simple emails are the key to get a quick response. If you are not getting a reply you can even send some follow up emails too.

Express Your Emotions Clearly

Using proper adjectives and supporting adverbs are a must in order to express better. Words like bad, delighted, wonderful, hate, great, terrible, furious, disgusted etc. always increase the response rate. Emails that are emotionally neutral often get overlooked.

For example, “faced an awful experience at your boutique which was completely unexpected” is always better than “I’m disgusted by the service in your store”.

Don’t Forget to Maintain the Time of Your Emails

As the name suggests, always plan the time when you send your email strategically. Research done using email tracking software showed that most emails that are sent around 6 am to 7 am, tend to get faster results. This is because comparatively fewer emails are sent during this time slot.


Using these aforementioned tips you can surely increase the chance of getting replies to your emails. Ensure to maintain a friendly yet professional tone throughout your email and don’t forget to keep it short and simple. When the recipient finds that You are not someone who is only there to send junk emails they will surely make you a top priority and respond to your emails.

If you have any questions, please ask below!