5 Reasons Why your Email Marketing Campaign is Not Successful


Email marketing is one of the best way to get more viewers and higher conversions to your site, at least that was what it was like a while back. Today checking emails is like doing the dishes, no one wants to check their email because they know it’s already going to be clogged with unnecessary mail and they really don’t want to go through all of it but the fact of the matter is that it still has to be done.

Most customers have even become capable of completely filtering our any irrelevant mail thanks to filtering options. When email filters are combined with spam filters and Gmail’s Promotions folder it makes it even harder for marketers to reach customers. Many marketers waste countless hours without thinking what they are doing wrong with fine tuning your email marketing strategy! Here are 5 reasons why your email marketing campaign is not successful to help you come up with a better strategy to raise conversion and get more viewers.

No Personalization

Do most if not all of your emails begin with ‘Howdy’ or ‘Hi you’ or ‘Hello”? Even better, is the primary name of your beneficiaries in an obviously distinctive text style or shading than whatever remains of your email? On the off chance that personalization neglects to happen, well that is simply beautiful and extremely embarrassing.

Did you realize that customized emails can deliver exchange rates and income up to six times higher than non-customized messages? In view of information ordered in the UK, the normal purchaser has 260 unopened emails in their inbox, 56 of which are from brands. 60% of the general population studies say they would open those messages if the headline was customized. Customize however much as could be expected. It’s simple on the off chance that you are utilizing a Chimp Mail In touch or rocket mail. Basically add %FirstName% to your email content or headline for an email experience with a personal touch to it.

You Don’t Even Try To Optimize Your Email for Mobile Phones

In the event that you didn’t know majority of all emails ( or 40.1% to be exact) are opened on a cell phone and without optimizing your emails more mobile viewing, you could find that your email marketing measurements fall faster than you could have though! Your pictures, content, and plan should be open-prepared for telephones. Why? Since 69% of portable clients erase emails that aren’t enhanced for versatile. What’s more, I am certain you would prefer not to take those risks.

You Don’t Think With Your Audience In Mind

On the off chance that you are sending pictures, diminish the measure of the record. In the event that the document is too huge it will either not open or it will take up an excessive amount of screen space.

In the event that you are sending interfaces that you might want individuals to interact with, ensure they are the probably length for individuals to tap on with their thumb. Ensure that any content connections and call-to-action catches are taller and more extensive than what remains of the rest. Additionally, space your links sufficiently far from each other so that there isn’t any inadvertent clicking. Keep in mind to always break down content into smaller section so that it becomes easier to read and follow.

You Still Purchase Email Lists

Ok, go ahead! Anyway you’re doing this? In 2016? Any professional or accomplished advertiser will let you know immediately that this is a terrible idea. Your business can be influenced, you can be blacklisted by your Internet supplier, your email administration supplier will consider you to be a spammer thus will the ones you’re sending emails to. Rather, concentrate on growing an email list naturally. Other than maintaining a strategic distance from all these dangers, a large portion of your supporters will be focused on and the odds of gaining a higher conversion rate will be much higher.

Exhausting Content in the Email

Content is the connecting point between your image and the viewer. On the off chance that your content is extremely exhausting uninformative, boring and does not give any valuable data to your viewer then you will be left with a more negative reputation. The content you send ought to be exceptionally fascinating and increase the value of your viewer. Content can be improved through compelling and eye-catching pictures, videos and infographics.

It’s difficult to come up with the proper format for your e-marketing campaign but with a bit effort and some trial and error you are bound to succeed in your e-marketing campaign.


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