3 Strategies to Boost Engagement for a Fashion Blog or Ecommerce Site

Fashion is one of the best niches for bloggers trying to engage with female readers. The size of this niche is huge, as you can see from reading reviews on fashion blogs on sites like Marie Claire. There are also lots of great ways to generate traffic, such as using Pinterest and Instagram. This means that bloggers can make money creating content about fashion without having to wait several months to boost their SEO results.

However, you are still going to encounter some challenges. The biggest challenge as a fashion blogger is making your content engaging enough to keep visitors coming back. This is more important than a lot of other blogging niches, such as business development, digital marketing, mobile app reviews and real estate. When people go to read a fashion blog, they are looking for a more social experience. You need to cater to their expectations if you want your blog to thrive.

Here are some tips that will make any blog about fashion more engaging.

Have a catalog presentation for your visual content

Visual content is incredibly important in this niche. I can’t even begin to emphasize it.

In many other niches, you can get away with having a single stock photo on each blog post. People usually read articles on business or health tips to learn more about a given topic. They rarely need quality images to learn about those topics

The fashion blogging niche is very different. Readers are usually more interested in the pictures than the written content. If you don’t have great visuals, then your blog will stagnate at best. You might fail to get the long-term visitors that you need to make it successful.

Compiling a bunch of high-quality images isn’t going to cut it on its own. You are also going to need to present those images in an aesthetically pleasing and engaging way. Using digital catalogs on your website is a great way to present your visual content. I would recommend using a tool like Flipsnack. You will also need to use a WordPress plugin like product catalog or PDF Product Catalog. This will allow you to easily organize all of your image content.

Learn about the most effective clickbait words

Choosing the right words to use in your titles is very important. Keep in mind that your titles will usually be syndicated across various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Choosing the right words for your title will dramatically increase your click-through-rate. This isn’t just important for getting more traffic for each 1,000 impressions that your content receives on other platforms. It also plays an important role in the ranking algorithms with Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. Search engines also look at your click-through-rate, although to a lesser extent.

Using the right keywords will also make sure that you are attracting customers that are genuinely interested in your post, which will improve you are onsite engagement statistics. Since Google uses this data from your analytics account in its SERP algorithms, this will play in important role in helping your SEO as well. This means that your site will be more likely to rank for keywords that will drive more engaged visitors, which will improve your engagement statistics further.

There are number of lists on clickbait words, such as this one from BufferApp. Take a look at them and see if there are any that would work well in any of your posts. It might be a good idea to go through all of your posts and rewrite the headlines to see if you can get better engagement.

Take regular polls

As stated above, one of the biggest differences between the fashion niche and other types of blogs is that visitors want a much more social experience. One of the best ways to deliver on that expectation is to get their feedback and incorporate it into your site.

Try taking regular polls to see how your visitors feel about some of the post that you have written. You’ll want to ask them what their thoughts are on different types of fashion accessories that you are covering.

You might believe that they will love some of that accessories that you have talked about. However, they may have a very different opinion. You want to get their input and only cover products that they have expressed an interest in.

If you have any questions, please ask below!