12 Most Efficient Content Marketing Tools You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

re2fffwfqContent marketing has become the basics for any marketing campaign of the company. The content marketing tools can help in creating high quality content, increase reach, captures readers, which will result in sales generation and boost in traffic etc. Here are some efficient content marketing tools you probably have not heard of:

  1. Brightcove

Videos and visual aids are the interactive medium in marketing communicate your content and engage customers. Brightcove provides cloud platform for uploading, managing and publishing video contents. It can be integrated with other social networks and customer management software like CRM and content management software like CMS.

  1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is the influencer-marketing tool that is it helps in identifying the influencers who creates noteworthy, significant and popular content. It allows search options where you can easily find what’s trending on the web, highly searched keywords on the internet and social media, you can incorporate in your content and titles. It is an excellent tool for SEO campaigns and content marketing.

  1. ClearVoice

ClearVoice is complete content marketing software basically a marketplace that helps is connecting brands, content creators and publishers, it promotes collaboration and facilitates scalable content production. ClearVoice provides a dynamic platform that is managed from one dashboard and that allow linkage with extensive content creators, utilizing the talent from the market as per the requirement of the company and support marketing campaigns.

  1. Copify

Copify is yet another outsourcing websites for content creators however unlike the other freelancers marketplace it provides more qualified content creators and copywriters that will get the job done for you.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot is the marketing automation tool, which is used by marketers to integrate the in-bound marketing tool that is allowing a company to create customer base and promote their business. It is done through blogs, web pages, podcasts, newsletters, videos, webinars, SEO and whitepapers. It also offers social media analytics, social monitoring and customer relationship management.

  1. Marketo

It is an automation tool for the marketer that integrates social media, emails, apps, events, web and mobile. It helps in sales and marketing by engaging the target customers by prioritizing them as per demographics and behavioral criteria. In addition, it aids in assessing the performance of the marketing campaigns.

  1. Outbrain

Outbrain is the content promotional tool that help in promoting the content is the biggest websites and publishers, so that you can reach new and bigger audience. It facilitates in bringing the audience and publishers to a single platform, which results in revenue generation, audience engagement, and massive relevant readers.

  1. Evergage

It provides the real time personalization features to the marketers. It helps in providing in-depth analytics regarding the customer, this allows marketer to promote the personalized content as per the target audience and readers. Marketers can engage and interact in a better and efficient way.

  1. BrandpointHUB

A content marketing tool allows you to manage your content marketing using just one tool. It is a time efficient tool to streamline all the content and to publish automatically to the social media websites and clients platform. It can be integrated with Google analytics to monitor the engagement.

  1. Ceros

It is a tool to create appealing interactive content by using animations and other creative graphics in Ceros Design studio. It allows the creation of info-graphics, eBooks, Microsites, Magazines, LookBooks and Banners. It offers time-triggered content, which can be linked to own website to third party websites.

  1. Contentivo

This tool helps in content sharing and promoting. With this tool, you can encourage your employee to promote your content on social media while rewarding them, like generating employee advocacy.

  1. Edgar

This tool helps in creating database or library of the valuable content, which is easily searchable by the audience. It is an efficient tool for the post scheduling and automatic sharing in the predefined categories also it offers reposting / resharing which results in maximum exposure of the audience. It also allows integration with social media.


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