11 Reasons to Start Your Own Website

Every prospective entrepreneur, before even entering the business market, is considering how to get to the customers’ knowledge as quickly as possible and convince them that it is their company that can offer them services/products that are significantly better than those of their competitors. Competitive struggle between entrepreneurs and companies is a tough battle, no matter the sector. Whether you do business (or want to do business) in the engineering or food sector.

Want to attract new clients, raise awareness, or improve your brand image? These 10 tips are exactly what you need to know about the importance of your own website to your business.

#1 People are online and the number is still growing

As of 2019, the worldwide online population accounted for more than 56,2% of the total population, according to statistics published by J. Clement. That’s nearly 4.33 billion people who can be business customers, artist fans or blogger readers.

#2 Information available 24/7

Since a website does not need rest, sleep, or work breaks, unlike humans, it can provide information about the company, its products, or the services it offers continuously. The benefit is that you can update all your information at any time, and your changes will take effect immediately. This is not possible with printed leaflets.

#3 Online purchases are on point

Do you plan to do business? Your own website may be the most valuable source of revenue for you. In Europe, according to Eurostat, up to 69% of Internet users buy online. There still is enough room for new online stores and everything suggests that shopping without leaving the chair will become more and more popular.

#4 Building image and credibility

Individuals can link to a portfolio of work or referrals from satisfied clients on their site. The company that is offering products can proudly share customer ratings on its own website. In order to build a community of followers, a blogger can maintain a relationship with his readers through discussion under articles. The way how you build your credibility on the web depends on your business purpose. Even a page with your name and company address is trusted in a largely anonymous Internet environment.

#5 Increasing company revenue

We have talked with many entrepreneurs to hear their opinion about having a website for a business, all of them agreed that it is a must to think if you want to go deep with your business.

As the founder of “Where Am I” mentioned, they saw an increase of 73% of the revenue after 6 months when the website was launched.

#6 Create a professional email

Along with the site, you can also obtain an original email address for yourself and other members of your company. Mail with your own domain is easy to remember, looks more professional and does not need to be overly questioned whether it is more credible than [email protected] or [email protected].

#7 Cheap and effective marketing tool

When we compare online advertising with print, television, radio or outdoor, we find that online advertising is cheaper and more effective for smaller and medium-sized businesses. In addition to affordability, being online wins in durability – newspaper information is limited in time, a website is a long-lasting medium. Your own website can also be combined with other online marketing tools, and you can link people to your site from social networks, blog articles, or videos. An optimized page can also attract visitors and customers from search results.

#8 Visitor analysis

When you create a website, you can use it to find out detailed information about your visitors – who they are, what interests them most on your site, and how and where they got to your site. You can use your insights to make ordinary visitors to your site become your customers, fans, or supporters.

#9 Online customer support saves you time

You can spend more time answering your customers’ everyday questions by phone, email or personally. Even though this helps you to create a personal contact with your client, it is better to put answers to FAQs about your company or its products on your website. This will make the answers publicly and easily accessible even when you are unavailable.

#10 Write about what you enjoy

There are many free blogging platforms, and if they are part of the established media, they can give you good readership, but there are some limitations to such a blog. As a rule, you may not promote brands or products on it, but you can also earn a page that is completely in your own direction. Blog about what you like – travel, cooking, fashion, or IT and technology. A good way is to incorporate the blog section into your website where you can share news about your business, marketing and other ideas with those who enter the website.

#11 Collecting contacts

A website may not only provide valuable data to others, but also to you. You can also use your own website to get in touch with whom you can further build a business relationship or strengthen the loyalty of your fans. Of course, visitors will not just give you their email address. Provide them with premium content for exchange – the e-shop can offer them a discount, an online marketer such as an e-book and designer a series of their own mockups. Building your own contact database is really worth it because email and newsletters are the most preferred way of marketing communication for more than 70% of customers.

You may think that you do not need your own website for the business. It is true if you don’t want new clients, leads, a better image of your name, and many other benefits that your own site offers. If you agree with at least a few of the reasons we mention in the article, try setting up your own website. A very easy free online tool for creating your own customized website is for example It’s so simple to understand it that we are sure you can do it with basic knowledge and you do not necessarily need to be a programmer. Or there is always a possibility to outsource this matter to some external company. You might spend more money paying someone else to create a website for you than creating it yourself, but the outreach is going to be great. So do not hesitate anymore…Let’s make the business grow and prosper!

If you have any questions, please ask below!