10 Reasons of Creating a Blog Feed on Your Tuting Website

fergegwetgBlogging is a common phenomenon now a day, it gives people power to share their thoughts and experiences of life with the people of similar interest. Be it a student, a teenager, a professional person or anyone, blog is something or a way to express one’s experience and expertise or simply a platform to grow and share a topic of interest.

Although the blogs may seem as a platform for some to rant and tell what they know, blogs are also helpful in terms of academic. The blogging space can be used by the teachers as a platform to showcase the work done by the students or educator can showcase the deep understanding of subject and student pshycology. Also, the multiple media forms used in a blog – images, videos, and links can help the students understand so much better. Blogging of education website and tutoring website has numerous benefits for both teachers and the students. And here are some of them-

  1. Sharing – The blogs can be used as a medium to share the notes, projects, ideas, resources, etc. The students can ask doubts regarding the topic and similarly can find resources for projects. The teachers can also publish some of the old work for the students to learn and take notes from.
  2. Skill development – Teachers can manage a blog for the students to write and publish about the topics of their interest. This helps them not only to learn a lot but also boost their confidence seeing their hard work out there in front of the whole world.
  3. Publish yourself – There are many teachers that continue to read and research. Writing a blog will help showcase the progress. You may also get some real feedback on your work. There is nothing better than showing and sharing your work with the experts and the enthusiasts who want to learn.
  4. Teacher-parent connection – Sometimes parents too need tutors, so the blog by the teachers can form a connection between the teachers and the parents of their student. Parents will get to know that their children are in right custody.
  5. Build a community – By creating a education blog, you are creating a community where students and teachers co-exist together and share their writing. Tasks can be given out to maintain the blog, such as, the teachers writing the blogs whereas the students bringing together the media content to make it more attractive.
  6. Motivate – The blogs are not just for writing and publishing. They can be used to motivate to write and read more. Also blogging requires reading and researching, the students can learn new thing about the subject. They will also learn to judge the how to select the relevant information and how to publish it. This will improve their ability to search, filter and analyze new information.
  7. Serve others – You can build a blog as a teacher’s guide or reference not only for the school but also for the teachers all around the world. It can contain links to useful websites, videos, images, graphs, articles, anything. The blog can also be used as an online library with information related to different niche under one roof.
  8. A platform to learn – A blog can be used to help not only the regular students but also the ones that are studying privately. There are teachers who are passionate about teaching and hence love to share and teach online. The course material and notes are one of the way to help someone learn who is interested. With blogs you can also help the ones on leave so that they don’t fall behind.
  9. Create a digital presence – With up-gradations in technology, one must keep up with technology. Blog gives an opportunity to create a presence online, one that will stay long. All your work, resources will be there online to help whenever and whom so ever possible, any time they need it.
  10. Life-long learning – A blog is not something that is over anytime. There is an always new thing to learn and explore and share. The blog for the students will motivate to keep on learning and exploring new niche. It may also help them to find out their interest and pursue it. Blog will also help them to keep in touch with each other, wherever they go.

One can create a whole new network of teachers and students online, if one wishes for it through blogging. Blogs not only helps in effective teaching but also learning from thousands of teachers out there who are helping and solving the problems of the students.

Education blogging helps the students to learn the publishing techniques and the etiquette of the internet. Education blogs can also be used as e portfolios, platform for announcements, discussions and many more. One must give the classroom blogging a chance. Start small. Learn about the platform you are posting on and research before you post.

If you have any questions, please ask below!