10 Highly Effective Ways To Market Your iPhone Apps

10-highly-effective-ways-to-market-your-iphone-appsIn the app marketing, iPhone app demands more marketing than the Android. Many app developers and users opinion is that they believe in the iPhone app market which provides more profit rather than the Android. It is a plus point for best iPhone app development companies who achieved a great success by making the users to trust them.

Nowadays developing an app from the best mobile app development company in different platforms becomes an easy task when you compared with marketing your app. So we would like to share information which would be helpful to better market your iPhone apps.

Social Media Outlets

Social Media sites are the best way to promote your app. It helps to reach your app to a wider targeted audience. All you need to do is attract the users by providing clear information about your app and keep on updating latest information about your app.

App Review

Getting a good response from the users will help your iPhone app to achieve a great success and drag the attention of many users. So to achieve it, submit your app in the app review websites like App Safari, Appstoreapps and Mobilestartupzetc. It is the simple and easiest way to market your iPhone app.

Create a Landing page or Website

By choosing a suitable domain and targeted keywords while creating a landing page or website will make your app promotion go one more step ahead, because search engine gives well preference for app pages and its quality content, so provide all information about your app with a proper design and screenshot images. Don’t forget to include your contact form to get a customers feedback.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the marketing techniques where you can be able to gain a good traffic for your app. So to submit your app in the guest blogging sites, all you need to do is write a unique content about your app features and submit it following the guidelines of the blog administrator.

App as a Free Trial Version

By making your app as a free version (trial), you can make many users to download your app and use it, so later when the trial versions are ended up, you could give an option to buy the full version of your app.

Search Engine Marketing

For your app marketing you can use different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing with the help of AdWords. So to implement it, you should create a campaign by choosing relevant keywords and you can create a separate landing page for it. It is a paid one.


Forum is an effective technique in the online marketing which is useful to promote your app. It is mainly for discussion purpose so, if you promote your app in these sites, there will be a chance that your app will drag more users. It is better to promote your app in the iPhone app development discussion thread of forum sites.


Giving an offer to the app users helps you to promote your app. When your app has been released in the app store, make a deal with users like first 5 app download users will get rewards like T-shirts, cash back etc.

Media Advertising

When your app is going to be launched within 10 days, you should create awareness to the people by advertising your app and the releasing date, which can make the people eagerly wait until you release the app.

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