What You Need to Know About Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing often referred as PPC has grown in popularity amongst many businesses so much. But what exactly is PPC, and how can it help a business grow?

PPC Defined

PPC-Pay-Per-ClickAs already mentioned, PPC is a form of internet marketing. It is designed to advertise your company to potential customers, to get them to click on an ad which brings them to your company’s webpage. The whole reason for PPC is to generate additional traffic to your company’s website.

Every time a person clicks on your company’s advertisement, there is a fee charged, and obviously this is where the name “Pay Per Click” came from. The fee for these clicks is determined by the “cost per a click” or CPC that a company is willing to pay to the network.

Since every click on an advertisement costs you a fee, it is important to make sure the web page it redirects customers to is well designed and communicates in a way that keeps the customer’s attention. If not, then the conversion rates for the company will not be high enough to make the PPC marketing beneficial.


One of the most well known PPC networks worldwide is Google’s Adwords. If you have ever used Google to conduct a search you have seen Adwords in action and might not have even realized it. Businesses pay a fee to advertise on the Google search engine for specific relevant keywords.adwords

As a result, they are placed at the top of the list when a user conducts a relevant search, and increases the likelihood of the user clicking on the link and being redirected to your company’s webpage. Where a company lands in the list is also determined by their “Ad Rank” with Adwords.

This rank is based on the cost per a click the company is willing to pay, as well as the “Quality Score” for the relevance and overall quality of the company’s webpage. But again, in order for this method of internet marketing to be beneficial, the user needs to find the landing page to be of high quality in order for your company to be able to capitalize on the opportunity. This also means the ability of the user to navigate the site is set up in a way they are able to quickly access information about the goods and services your company provides and make a purchase.

Effective PPC Keywords

In order to make PPC marketing work for your business, it is important to select keywords that will be effective in the PPC marketing strategy. It is also important to update keywords regularly to ensure the list of keywords used stays effective.keyword-research

One of the most important things to keep in mind that keywords need to be relevant to what your business is offering customers. If not, then the company will not see high conversion rates or users click through their site because it is not what they are looking for. With that being said though, it is also important that keyword be the most common words used in a search, but also should include those words which are not as common but still relevant to the search.

An added benefit of this, is these keywords are likely to be less expensive because they are less competitive. Lastly, the world of PPC marketing is constantly evolving, making it necessary for a company to also constantly update and change their keyword list. It is not enough to come up with a great list and then expect it to be just as effective in a year’s time.

Investing in a PPC Marketing Agency

Because PPC marketing has the potential to cost a company more than the revenue it generates, many businesses have chosen to look for marketing agencies that specialize specifically in PPC marketing strategies. These agencies not only understand how PPC works, but also understand the use of keywords, effective landing pages, PPC networks like Adwords, and how to improve conversion rates.

As a result, these agencies can work for your company to develop effective keyword lists, split ad groups to be most effective, and even help in making the decision of when to drop keywords that are no longer effective. And many PPC marketing agencies can also help to review your company’s landing page and overall site to ensure it helps to optimize the number of click-through opportunities.

Whether considering the use of Google Adwords, social networking, or a different PPC marketing network, if your business is struggling to generate traffic to its webpage, and wants to improve conversion rates, the cost of working with a PPC marketing agency can be worth the investment.

Who Benefits from PPC Marketing?

The use of PPC marketing has the potential to benefit a number of different parties, the user, the business, and the search engine or PPC network. In the case of Adwords, the user comes to Google to conduct a search specifically looking for a product or information.PPC-benefits

Google has developed a blueprint to be used to ensure the advertisements placed at the top of the list are relevant to the search the user has completed. As a result, the user does not mind the advertisements, and often finds what they are looking for without scrolling past the ads at the top of the list. The business then benefits on the PPC marketing by seeing an increase in traffic to their company webpage.

And if their site is easy to navigate and the user is able to access the information they want or need, the company will also see an increase in revenue. Google also benefits as it helps them to provide a way to connect users and companies effectively, but also allows them to generate revenue for the service.

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