Top 10 Original Campaigns on Instagram

With more than 1 billion active users in the world, Instagram is considered as one of the most interesting social networks for brands. Today we review some of the most original campaigns on Instagram.

The times when Instagram was an ideal world with cute kittens, food, selfies, good life and “bon vivants”, have passed to a better life. Now the brands are on Instagram; not only to upload cool photos but also to make authentic marketing campaigns.

Instagram is considered one of the most powerful and attractive social networks for brands, which have taken advantage of the benefits of this platform to launch their campaigns, improving their image and engagement within communities.

Because campaigns go beyond the use of a #hashtag and because there is nothing like knowing how to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the platform to get a good number of Instagram video views and photo views, today we show you the top ten most original campaigns on Instagram.

1. Oreo, Cookies Vs Cream

Oreo invited their followers to discuss through hashtags and count between fans of the “cookie” part and those who prefer the “cream”. The lucky ones saw their own photos transformed into authentic sculptures of oreo cookies.

2. Sharpie’s and their ‘Doodle’ campaign

Instead of uploading photos of their products, Sharpie have decided to publish the photos of ‘doodles’ (small drawings that we normally make in the corners of the notebooks) made with markers. What better way other than demonstrating what the product can do?

3. Starbucks, “Behind the scenes”

The objective of this campaign was to show how the world’s coolest coffee manufacturing processes are undergone. This is a good way to create a closer bond with the customers. Also, when we see how something is done, we are more predisposed to buying it, right?

4. Levi´s, or how to get a job on Instagram

Levi´s used Instagram to find «Levi´s new face». They asked their followers to send their photos with the hashtag #IAmLevis and the winner became the protagonist of the brand’s new advertising campaign. Outcome? Thousands of related followers earned during the campaign.

5. Heineken, in search of treasure in the US Open

The dynamics were simple: a large mosaic formed by 200 images that simulated a grandstand full of people sitting in their seats. Through the hints that the brand was giving, users had to find a specific person in the crowd. The first one who found and commented through the hashtag the picture in question with the keyword was the winner of the tickets.

6. Lexus and their InstaFilm

Lexus had the help of more than 200 Instagrammers to create the LexusInstafilm, the first collaborative film made up of Instagram photographs.

Lexus invited fans, both from Instagram and the motor world, for this project that took place over the course of a day at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. Participants used their phones to make and edit the photos before sharing them on Instagram with hashtags such as #frame203 to indicate where in the video sequence their photo should be placed. The images were digitally sequenced that same day to create the full movie.

7., for a good cause

Bestfriend took advantage of the popularity of animals on Instagram and in collaboration with the owners of some of the most popular Instagram pets, they launched this campaign to raise awareness of the importance of adopting animals instead of buying them.

8. Comodo NYC and their «Instagram Menu»

If something is more popular than animals on Instagram, then that´s called “food”. As everyone shares their favorite dishes on Instagram, Comodo NYC took advantage of it to create the “Instagram Menu” in which they let their clients upload photos of their dishes using the hashtag #ComodoMenu. This way you could see what dishes your friends recommended and it was easier to decide.

9. Costumes for the worst chef in Spain

Cooking TV shows are very fashionable lately, and uploading to Instagram the dishes we cook – even more! Therefore, Disfrazzes considered “supporting” those who were not born with the gift of cooking and challenged their followers to upload their culinary failures to find the worst chef in Spain. The winners received their prize and saw “their creations” in a special recipe book.

10. #NoFilterJustRayban, without filters

Rayban took advantage of the hashtag #NoFilter, widely used on Instagram to say that the photo you upload does not have any type of filter or touch-up, to promote their new polarized glasses. To do this, they colored the windows of the trams in the main cities of Belgium to create a polarizing effect. In addition, they created a site where they collected the photos that tram users uploaded to Instagram using the hashtag #NoFilterJustRayBan.

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