How To Make a Good Promotional Video For Any Business

Nowadays, making a promotional video is one of the most daunting tasks for businesses. It is created to persuade viewers and convert them into customers. Don’t worry! To make a compelling film, we don’t have to be an expert like Scorsese or Spielberg. Countless video editors and platforms today help even the most amateur or non-tech-savvy person create the ideal video for their company.

Before proceeding further, we need to highlight the differences between promotional and commercial videos so that one is not confused with the other. Unlike the latter, whose primary focus is on the company, promotional videos are specifically crafted keeping the target audience in mind. Promotional videos are more precise because they only promote specific products, services, events, etc. It has become an indispensable component in modern marketing campaigns.

There is no need to become overwhelmed at the thought of creating a promotional video. We have prepared a comprehensive list of six steps that one must follow to make the most tempting video.

Before going into the steps, we need to know exactly what a promotional video is and why it is essential to make one.

Promotional video and its types

As the name suggests, a promotional video is film footage that most businesses use to promote, highlight or showcase their brand products, events, or something else.

There are many types of promotional videos we can create to direct the target customers’ attention toward our brand:

  • Spot videos: We can make a ‘spot,’ a short commercial played before movie trailers or shows. A spot needs to be engaging and concise.
  • Product videos: We can make enticing videos showcasing our new collection, product range, or services. Is the product difficult to operate, or does it need user manuals? In these cases, we also must incorporate explainer videos to attract the audience.
  • Informational videos: Potential customers must trust a company or business before purchasing. We must gain their trust by making informational videos that offer detailed insights into our company culture and ethics.
  • Milestone videos: We should also create celebratory videos showcasing our achievements or milestones to form a positive impression.
  • Festival videos: Is there a better way to bond with potential customers than to embrace our culture? Make videos that wish them happy Diwali, Merry Christmas, Happy new year, and so on.
  • Future event videos: Don’t forget to make promotional videos announcing future events to let people know about the brand’s activities.
  • Testimonials: What is the best way to gain people’s trust? It is by showing them the testimonials of other satisfied buyers. Thus, case studies and testimonials are also important promotional videos.

Where can promotional videos be used?

We can use our company’s promotional videos in multiple places, from the website landing page, social media platforms, marketing emails, and video presentations to potential investors and stakeholders. Many online video editors have recently emerged with specific options for creating videos for a particular social media site.

Create the most enticing promotional video

Finally, it is time to dissect the method of making promotional videos. We must follow these six steps to create the most professional and enticing promotional video.

Having a clear goal

Before drafting the script, we need to take a step back and think about what exactly we are creating a video for in the first place. Is it because we are a new company and wish to introduce ourselves to the digital audience? Or is it because we wish to advertise our new product line with an explanatory video?

After clearly identifying the goal, we must choose a proper direction to implement it successfully. There is no need to opt for expensive video production as countless affordable and good video editors have arrived on the market lately. You can choose an easy video editor and start making promotional videos for your business.

Choosing the right direction:

Now that we have successfully identified our goal, we can choose multiple directions in which we would like to proceed. Some of them are listed below:

○ If our company is new in the market, an introductory video explaining our mission, values, etc., is recommended.

○ Explanatory videos are the best option if we wish to explain or provide details about our product or services.

○ Narrative videos are an interesting and engaging way to introduce or explain our brand services in a story-like manner.

○ Testimonials, in the form of interviews, soundbites, and so on, are certified methods to garner viewer attention.

Choose a proper tone:

Simply speaking, the tone is a video’s underlying attitude or general character. We must question ourselves about what reaction we want to generate in our target audience. Do we wish to make them feel emotional or get a laugh out of our videos?

For example, it makes no sense to use an urgent tone that persuades viewers to take action for an introductory video. This kind of tone resonates more with sales videos.

Choose a definite style and duration:

First, we need to decide on the duration. Without this, our video is highly likely to become too unfocused and too long. It is essential to adjust the implementation of an idea within the time frame to make it more effective. This will also help us avoid those frustrating last-minute situations of cutting down a two-minute video to 40 seconds.

Next, we must choose a visual style such as illustration, live action, B-Roll, whiteboard, video including real people, screencast, or anything else. We can also combine these styles to create an enticing video.

Prepare an outline

The next step involves fleshing out the details. Before preparing the script, we recommend preparing a basic outline highlighting different sectors. This includes the number of scenes to be included, the characters and their outlooks, adding voice overs, text overlays, background music, the props required, how to introduce the product or service in the plot, determining the number of times it appears, and so on.

Prepare the script

Finally, it is time to start writing the script after completing all the steps mentioned above. There are many helpful script templates on the web that we can use. Some things we must keep in mind about the script are the scene number, timestamps, and the details of a particular scene, such as the characters present, location, and props.

Wrapping up

This is all we need to know about creating promotional videos for a company. Let us unleash our inner creativity as we create the best videos without external help! We should invest a good amount of effort and time into making these videos, as the rapid rate at which the competition is rising in the digital industry is no mere threat. Nevertheless, let us also not forget to enjoy the process.

If you have any questions, please ask below!