How to Generate Leads with Facebook Ads

Every marketer wants to get more and more traffic to their website. They want more traffic so they can convert the visitors into leads. However, getting more traffic to the website isn’t easy and many marketers struggle to accomplish this task. Social media platforms, Facebook in particular, can help marketers drive more traffic to their website and get more leads.

With Facebook ads, marketers can collect leads for the business through social media. Facebook’s potential for marketing is no longer up for debate. The daily active user base of 1.13 billion means that marketers can tap into a huge pool of leads with compelling Facebook ads.

But, generating leads with Facebook ads isn’t simple and very few know the art of capturing qualified leads through this social media platform. Therefore, in this article, we’ll enunciate how marketers can use Facebook ads for lead generation.

Focus on the Click-Through Rate

If Facebook ads aren’t appealing enough for the audience, they’ll scroll down without even seeing the actual offer. Therefore, the first thing marketers must focus on is enhancing the appearance of the ads to increase their click-through rate.

The image used in the Facebook ads should be compelling, interesting or funny. For example, if you are advertising gym products, you can feature a lady with six-pack abs or a builder with 21-inch arms. Complex images should not be used and the image used for the ad should resonate with the offer.

The user first notices the image and if the image captures their attention, they proceed to read the headline of the ad. Therefore, the headline of the Facebook ad should be eye-catching and should communicate value. It should encourage the viewer to click on the ad.

Landing Page for Lead Generation

Once you have improved the click-through rate of your Facebook ads, you can shift the focus towards lead generation. For lead generation through Facebook ads, a highly-optimized landing page should be created.

A few strategies that marketers can use for lead generation through a landing page include:

● Using Gated Content

Courses, eBooks and other online media can be used as gated content to earn qualified leads. Gated content refers to the content that a user cannot access until they provide their email address and name (optional). When using gated content with a landing page, marketers should demonstrate the value of the gated piece of content by creating a compelling and high-quality content copy. When a user recognizes the value of the content, they won’t hesitate to provide their email address to access it.

● Contests

Contests on landing page can also be used for lead generation through Facebook ads. However, contests must be organized intelligently with the right prize to intrigue Facebook users. The Facebook ad designed for contests should describe the prize and should direct users to a landing page that’s specifically designed for the contest. The landing page created for the contest should ask users to provide their email addresses to take part in the contest.

Targeting the Right Audience

One thing Servme most about Facebook ads is that they are highly targeted is what makes them so effective for lead generation. Targeting lookalike audience and targeting Facebook users by board category and precise interests is ideal for lead generation because it gets marketers more return on their Facebook Ads.

Targeting by lookalike audience allows marketers to reach new people who may be interested in their business because they are similar to their existing customers. You can target lookalike audience for lead generation by taking your current customers’ list and importing it into the Facebook Ads tool. You can direct this audience to your landing page and increase your chances of turning them into leads.

Targeting by broad category and precise interests work by segmenting users based on their likes, profile or timeline changes and stated interests. This targeting ensures that your ads are seen only by people who are likely to click them. You’ll waste your money if your ads are seen by users who aren’t interested in your business and your offers because Facebook calculates the ad cost by the total number of people who see the ad. Therefore, targeting Facebook users is essential to get the most ROI.

Marketers who wish to capture qualified leads with Facebook ads should start following the practices described above. It will take time for them to get the hang of these practices, but once they have mastered them, they’ll able to generate qualified leads through Facebook ads.

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