How to Earn Money from Google AdSense with Your Website

More and more people are fixing their eyes on the Internet as an additional source of income or as the main source in the near future. By publishing information on the internet, any entrepreneur can earn much more money than would be possible in real life. Many of our readers ask us a somewhat difficult question of how much they could earn if they devoted themselves to regularly publishing content on the internet.

Earn money with AdSense by creating content on the internet

There are many ways to earn income online, as we mentioned more broadly in another publication.
The most suitable for those who start and do not have enough experience or a site with authority, is to use the Google AdSense service. AdSense does not earn you like those that can be obtained with the direct sale of advertiser products, but it can be very easy to implement. It consists of a code that can be inserted manually into the pages or automatically into a blog using a plugin. The ads that are displayed are generated automatically according to the content of the page where they are. With AdSense, the revenue depends mainly on the number of page views of a site.

There are factors that influence the income as the geographical location of the readers and the subject and content that is published.
earn money from google adsense
How much money can be earned in a blog with AdSense?

It is very inaccurate whatever calculation we do, but it can give us an idea of what we can achieve and that serves to stimulate us or to disappoint them and desist from the idea.
However, we are going to try to be optimistic in the calculations.

We can use two different formulas:

Formula 1

Revenue = Pageviews x Number of ads x 0.5 / 1000

✓ Pages viewed – Total pages read by users.
✓ Number of ads – AdSense can display up to three ad units on each page.
If the article has enough text, you can add up to three additional link blocks (as you can see on this page), which also generate income, although not the same amount as the ads.
✓ Average CPM – AdSense pays according to the clicks made by readers in the ads, system called PPC (Pay Per Click) and impressions or CPM (Cost per Mil), the value taken is an average.

Formula 2

Revenue = RPM X Pageviews / 1000

✓ The RPM of the pages is an average value of the revenue for thousands of impressions.
✓ It differs in each site according to its theme, but it remains stable.
It is calculated by dividing the revenue between the number of page views and the result by multiplying it by a thousand.
The pages with a higher RPM are those related to finance, legal issues, internet, technology, health, etc.
Those that obtain a minor one are those of entertainment, art, cinema, news, celebrities, etc. To do the calculations we can take a modest RPM of 2.

How much traffic do we need to earn $ 100,000 in the year with AdSense?

100 000 USD in a year is a figure used to estimate high incomes in developed countries.
That’s why we take it as a basis for a very optimistic calculation, but possible for a blog in its future.
If we use the second formula and estimate an RPM of 2.7 then we need to do the calculation in the following way:
Pageviews = Revenue x 1000 / RPM

That is:
Pageviews = 100 000 x 1000 / 2.7
We need 37 million page views in the year.
3 million in the month, 100,000 daily.

With an average of 2 page views per visitor, we finally need 50,000 daily visitors to earn 100,000 USD in the year.

Many blogs get it, so you can do it too.
And this is only with AdSense, using other methods you can duplicate the number.

AdSense earnings at 6 months

6 months after starting in which you have kept publishing without rest, you already have 200 pages created, you have 3000 daily visitors and you reach 100 000 page views.
In that case the approximate monthly income would be:

With the first formula: 100 000 x 3 x 0.5 / 1000 = 150 USD
With the second formula: 100 000 x 2/1000 = 200 USD

AdSense earnings one year later

A year, after much effort and dedication you have 400 pages created 6000 daily visitors and 300 000 page views in the month.
In that case the approximate monthly income would be:

With the first formula: 300 000 x 3 x 0.5 / 1000 = 450 USD
With the second formula: 300 000 x 2/1000 = 600 USD

If you are quite successful and you can reach 600,000 page views in the month, but also include additional link blocks in the pages, in that case you could win:

With the first formula: 600 000 x 4 x 0.5 / 1000 = 1200 USD
With the second formula: 600 000 x 2.4 / 1000 = 1440 USD

Example of an AdSense report in which you can see the CTR, CPC and RPM, among other indicators.


It is possible to obtain good income by creating content on the Internet, depending on where you live may be equal to or higher than the average. Yes, it takes, time, perseverance and tenacity, but it is totally possible. Not everything is as simple as the calculations we have made, although the result may be higher.

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