Create optimized Google Ads in minutes with CleverAds

Google Ads is at the core of pay-per-click advertising. In one afternoon, you can skyrocket to the top of Google’s search results and sidestep that long, drawn-out process of SEO. However, Google ads is a numbers game as much as it is about persuasive copywriting. You can create the perfect advert, but if it’s targeting the wrong keywords you may be overpaying for your adverts.

This is where third-party resources come in. Whilst Google Ads is a resource in and of itself, with its own Keyword Planner and the like, it still lacks certain functionality. Managing many ads at one time and the KPIs that accompanies it is a challenge, and tools such as CleverAds can help with that.

What is CleverAds?

CleverAds is a Google partner that offers free Google AdWords toolsto help manage and automate the creation of adverts within Google Adwords. It’s not only the efficiency in which these ads can be crafted but also the speed. It can be a frugal way to improve your Adwords conversions and the quality of leads.

3 ways CleverAds helps optimize Google Ads

1: Keyword Planner

CleverAds’ Keyword planner takes researching the right keywords to the next level. Firstly, a search feature is of course included in which users can search for keywords along with a range of filters (search volume, CPC, competition levels etc).

These lists can be created and grouped for future reference, meaning that campaigns are easy to manage. This gives the user greater control over their keyword research, which serves to optimize the process of selecting the best ones.

From here, keywords can easily be uploaded into Google Ads campaigns in a single click, meaning the integration is flawless with Google.

What really separates this from Google’s internal keyword planner is the Chrome Extension. This extension allows users to visit competitors web pages and scan for keywords, which can then be added to a list and analyzed.

2: Third-party integrations

Whilst we can view CleverAds as a third party application, it’s actually their third party integrations that make all the difference. For example, when a user’s Google Ads campaign is within the CleverAds system, it can be integrated into Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Sheets.

This means that sharing management within a wider team is more manageable and communication is more clear. All of your Google Ads metrics can be seen within Slack, which is likely the place you organize your team’s tasks with. If it isn’t, then MS Teams is also a possible integration too, with Google Sheets giving you more power to analyze the performance of your campaign.

The integration with Google Adwords’ itself is a good feature of CleverAds, as it makes you feel as if you’re using a product within Google’s own ecosystem.

3: Automation

CleverAds has a few automation functions built-in, which is a massive time and money saver. A major one, in particular, is the Banner Creator, which is a software that generates Google Ads banners within minutes. This drag and drop system can mean dealing with one less third party design software and can be a great way to speed up the process. Furthermore, it can be conducive to A/B testing, as you can create more banners faster, thus testing them against each other to find the best performer.

Secondly, Clever Ads has an Ad Translator function in which adverts can be translated to various other languages to attract customers from all around the world. Again, this isn’t reinventing the wheel, but the fact this is integrated into the same space as your ad creation space means you save time and money on the process.

Finally, no matter how good you believe your campaign to be, an audit will always help provide valuable insight. CleverAds does this by having an inbuilt audit that rates your campaigns in seconds. This results in tips and recommendations, such as suggesting that certain keywords are being overspent on, or that bids per location can be optimized.

Of course, all of these solutions are available on the cloud, too. This is useful for the increasingly remote workforce that may be working on Google Ads campaigns in separate locations all around the world. Not just that, but the responsive design works on laptops, phones, and tablets.

There are many ways to optimize and improve your Google Ads campaigns – it’s not an easy marketing method by any stretch. This is partly why many companies spend a lot of money on PPC experts and consultants. However, with the right learning and use of third party tools such as CleverAds, most marketing managers stand a good chance of having effective ad campaigns. Whilst automated audits cannot fix everything, they offer instant direction and highlight potential issues that may have gone otherwise undetected.

If you have any questions, please ask below!