Adsterra – The All-in-one Solution for Advertisers & Publishers

Adsterra, the ad network that emerged in the year 2013 has gained a reputed place in the online advertising industry. A number of webmasters consider it to be a fairly good alternative for Google Adsense. Not only the website publishers, but the advertisers can be benefitted too through this ad network to a large extent. It is one of the fastest growing advertisement networks that offers higher CPN rates to the publishers and works to fetch maximum profit to the advertisers by optimizing their campaigns. Let’s have a brief insight about Adsterra in this review.


Why Choose Adsterra?

Adsterra is working in 190 countries of the world serving more than 20000 ad campaigns per month and receiving around 10+ billion ad impressions each month. It can generate about 6000000 leads every month for all advertisers if the campaigns are totally optimized. Moreover, both the publishers and advertisers can get multilingual support. The real time monitoring is fruitful for both of them. Though these reasons are enough to choose Adsterra, but being an advertiser/publisher, you should get acquainted with some of the features of Adsterra.

How Advertisers are benefitted through Adsterra?

The advertisers are the ones who let Adsterra to grow its business. So, it tries hard to provide some of the features to its advertisers.

Opportunity to Advertise on Top Websites

Adsterra holds a good chain of publishers who are the owner of some of the most popular website of the world. If you advertise with Adsterra, you can run your campaign over such websites and convert them to sales.

Reach Targeted Audience

Your ads run on different websites based on the type of campaign you have created. The ads can be targeted for specific audience based on devices, country, language, operating systems, and other targeting options.

Maximum ROI

Being an advertiser, you would be really happy to get a dynamic return on your investment. Your campaigns will start fetching more conversions if you are targeting them based on different options. Adsterra will definitely help you out in optimizing the campaigns.

Anti-Fraud Control

Adsterra uses intelligent algorithm to catch the fake traffic on publisher’s website. No money is given to the publishers in such cases while the money deducted from the advertiser’s account is credited back.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will get a dedicated account manager at Adsterra who will guide you in case of any query. Moreover, the account manager will be helping you to optimize your campaigns so that you can get maximum ROI.

Real Time Reporting

You can view the statistics for your campaigns in real time. The number of views, clicks, and other intricate details can be easily viewed through Adsterra advertiser’s dashboard.

How Publishers are benefitted through Adsterra?

Not only will the advertisers fall in love with this Ad Network even the publishers can be benefitted through it in a delightful manner. Here are some of the features for publishers provided by Adsterra.

Different Ad Formats

A variety of ad formats can be discovered here, so that you can make most out of your vital traffic. You can choose to display the banner ads, direct links, push up ads, pop under, interstitial ads, Mobile banner ads, and mobile pop under ads.

Display Ads from Top Brands

As a publisher, you can choose to display the ads from the top brands in the world. Moreover, the ad campaigns set by the advertisers are checked properly for any illegal content, malware, viruses, or for bloatware.

Dedicated Account Manager with Support

Just like the advertiser, a publisher also gets a dedicated account manager who can handle all the queries with efficiency. Moreover, the account manager will work to optimize the ads on publisher’s website. Adsterra is from the few ad networks that provide 24×7 Support in multiple languages to its users.

Real Time Statistics

The publisher can get the real time reports related to the clicks, CPM, CTR, impressions, and the revenue generated. The reports can even be filtered using different filtering options as well.


Adsterra follows the NET15 norms and the payments are generated after the account balance reaches $100. You can get the payments through Wire Transfer, WebMoney, Paxum, Payza, BitCoin, ePayments and PayPal.

The Last Words

Adsterra has emerged as an exclusive advertising and monetization platform for advertisers and publishers respectively. The different ad formats available let both of them to get better results from the traffic if the campaigns and ads are optimized perfectly. If you’re a publisher, you can start monetizing your website with Adsterra or if you’re an Advertiser, you can start Advertising with Adsterra.

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