Adcash, an Ad Network for your Business

The most popular way for webmasters to monetize their websites is by displaying ads to their visitors which run into millions. If you are a smart advertiser, you wouldn’t let this untapped audience growth slip away from you. Thousands, if not millions, of advertisers are already promoting their ads and generating leads.

Targeting the Internet audience is one of the hugely untapped market. If you are wondering how to get your brand in front of the Internet audience, you will come across many ad networks, including Google’s AdWords.

How to Advertise?

Getting started with Adcash is quite easy. All you need to do is sign up as an advertiser and wait for their application approval. You can promote your products using various ad types like CPC, CPL, CPV, CPA or CPM.


Once you are approved as an advertiser, add funds to your account and start your first ad campaign. You can add funds by going to the “Wallet” option in your dashboard and click on Add Funds.

What you get from Adcash

  • Accurate Targeting

The best thing about Adcash is their pin point targeting capabilities. Someone asked how can I target users that just use a specific type of browser? Even the giants like Google do not have such controls for advertisers.

With Adcash’s accurate targeting feature, you can show your ads to users based on following filters:

  1. Geo targeting: Target a specific country or location.
  2. Device Targeting: Show your ads only to users from a specific device.
  3. Browser Targeting: Just like device targeting, you can choose to show ads only to people with specific browsers.
  4. Language Targeting: Since Adcash is available in over 190 countries, you can choose the site’s language on which your ad should be shown.
  5. Keyword Targeting: This obviously is the common control feature where you can target websites that are targeting specific keywords.

There a couple more targeting options for your ad campaign. Check them out in your advertiser dashboard.

Campaign Optimization

Optimizing an ad campaign is very important to get the most Returns on Investment. There are different techniques to do the same and Adcash has integrated these techniques into their platform. Some of them being:

  1. Bid Recommendation: You can control your bid for an ad campaign based on the competition and your campaign criteria.
  2. Weekly Distribution: You can choose specific days on which your ads will run.
  3. Frequency Capping: You can avoid showing the same ads to same people again and again so as to not waste money on non converting prospects.

Advertising Budget

When you are targeting your ad for a competitive keyword, your cost per click will increase significantly. Unlike other networks that will ask you to spend at least $1000 on the first campaign, you only get started on Adcash with $100 and increase or decrease the budget according to your needs.

Real Time Reporting

You can get real time analytics data about your campaign. This will help you analyze and take instant decisions about increasing the budget or go low. You can also schedule at what time you want the reports to be seen.

Dedicated Support

Having a dedicated support will help you feel like someone has got your back. You will get a dedicated account manager with whom you can solve your queries anytime you want.


You can add funds to your advertiser account using PayPal, Skrill, Web Money, Credit Card and Wire Transfer.

Last words about Adcash

Hope this article gave you a brief idea about the Adcash ad network, which is now competing with the big giants in the same industry. Adcash could be the best Ad Network to promote your business; it gives you best conversion rate, fewer risks and many ways to show ads to your audience. Add with it the dedicated support you get for any queries that you have, and what else do you need? Visit Adcash and get started with it.

If you have any questions, please ask below!