A Complete Guide For YouTube Ads Campaign

Youtube | E-trafficAre you searching for the steps on how to run YouTube Ads to promote your stunning video content?

Here is the best guide to know about the latest techniques set up and optimizing the YouTube ads campaign.

Set Up YouTube Advertising:

With the help of Google’s Ads interface, executing ads on YouTube looks more comfortable than ever. If you experienced with Facebook ads or Google ads, YouTube ads features would look similar to you.

Here are the simple methods to run ads on YouTube for your business.

Link Google Adwords:

Linking the Google Adwords account with your YouTube channel is the first step you need to do.

Sign in to your Google Ads account and click tools option from the top right of the page and click on the linked accounts from the setup feature.

Follow and accept the prompts from Google Adwords to add your YouTube channel. If you are the owner of the account, linking will be easy to process. You need to enter the owner’s mail and request access if someone owns the account.

To link the Google Analytics account, follow similar steps. You need to access through it for your account analytics and for targeting.

Upload Your Ad on YouTube:

You must upload your video ad on YouTube, to use it for an ad campaign on YouTube. The video quality and ability to grab the viewer’s attention leads the way for your success. Go through on making it within 5 seconds to attract more people.

Select The Advertising Campaign On YouTube:

Creating your video campaign is the next step on YouTube ads. On the campaigns tab from the Google Ads, select new campaign mode.

YouTube has various types to create campaigns where you can choose the types of ads to run and more. Select one of the choices that exactly matches your goal of advertising for your YouTube video ads.

  • Leads and Website Traffic is the exact method to bring more traffic to your videos and generate more conversions from the ads on YouTube.
  • Product and Brand Consideration leads to giving more opportunities for brand awareness and makes your content to publish in the eyes of huge audiences such as influencers etc.,
  • Brand Awareness and Reach provides more types for the ads selection and to develop a great brand. It provides various collection of ads types to run on YouTube, they are:
  1. Leads
  2. Sales
  3. Brand awareness and reach
  4. Product and brand consideration
  5. App promotion
  6. Website traffic
  7. And also the creating campaign option without proper goal’s guidance

After picking any one of these ad types, a pop up occurs where it contains two campaign types for the particular ads. There are display ads and video ads. Choose the video ad and click continue.

Select The Format For The YouTube Ad:

The ad formats on YouTube will be possible based on your goal of the ad campaign and the length of the video.

TrueView Ads:

It brings the ad to run before, in-between, or after the video and creates better awareness about your products or services. It features a skippable button where users can skip the ad after five seconds.

There is another type TrueView ad – TrueView discovery ads; it shows your ads on YouTube search results or after related videos or on the user’s homepage. For every click on the ad, you have to pay regardless of how long they watched.

These are the ads that bring significant benefits for product development with the CTA. Discovery ads make you add longer titles (till 100 characters) and two rows of descriptions.

Non-Skippable Ads:

These ads are applicable only for a specific campaign type, and the ad will be about 6 – 15 seconds long. If your ad video goes above 15 seconds, it shows an error message.

Similar to the TrueView, it will appear before, in-between, or after the video. The main benefit of non-skippable ads would be that viewers will watch your ad content entirely, which reciprocates into a higher metric.

The price for this ad is high because you need to pay for each view. It lowers the value of real engagements because the users compelled to watch your ad. Almost this is the most popular YouTube ad.

Bumper Ads:

These are the video ads that are below 6 seconds. It is not like the TrueView or skippable ads; the user cannot skip the bumper ads.

You will pay for it based on the Cost per 1000 impressions (CPA). It creates an impact on the viewers as a great video ad to tell about your products or services within 6 seconds and driving more traffic to your platform.

These are the ads on YouTube, pick anyone you need, and boost your content to a significant audience. If you want to grow your traffic, run the YouTube ads also with buy YouTube views for getting more views for your video content.

Set Budget, Bid Strategy, And Schedule:

After completing the selection of ad format, give a name for the campaign and the start & end dates and also set the budget for the campaign.

The Cost for an ad on YouTube is much lower than you expected. It will be $0.02 per view for some campaigns. But your bidding strategy should be perfect because it drives you to success in YouTube ads.

There are many types of bidding to use. Pick any one to enlarges your results:

Maximum CPV:

It compiled with TrueView ads. It tells YouTube for each view for your ad, the maximum amount you need to pay.

Targeted CPV:

It is the average amount that you are willing to pay for your conversions, and it is the most used CPV.

For some campaigns, it shows the maximum CPV option. It is like an automatic bidding result in higher costs.

Control Your Ads:

Here are the main factors to drive the targeted traffic to your content through your ad campaign, and also we can see where to place your ad safely.


  • YouTube Search Result: It is required only for running the discovery ads. Leave this option for remaining ads.
  • YouTube videos: It is the better choice for your ad campaign with the best quality and price.
  • Video Partners On Display Network: Pick this choice if you need to run the video ads on partner websites outside of YouTube. It is low in Cost and reduces quality.

Below the network category, you can fix the locations and languages that you need to target.

Inventory Types:

YouTube derives you several options to control your presence of ads. There are:

  • Expanded Inventory: Picking this option to your video ads will get you a vast audience, but your ads will run in some sensitive content. Better avoid this option, it contains mature content.
  • Standard Inventory: It is applicable for most of the brands to run video ads, but it contains violence or language issues that are irrelevant to your brand. Go for a safer choice.
  • Limited Inventory: It is the best option to run your video ads. It is a safer zone and won’t make a way to destroy your brand image. It ignores all the mature contents.

Set The Target Audience:

Targeting an audience on YouTube is quite tricky. Keep in mind, each criterion you fixed to your video ads is a filter. To improve the audience quality to reach, you need to pay higher CPV (Cost Per View). If you are new to the video ads on YouTube, don’t apply too many filters to the ads.

There are more options to gather your audience. There are geographic (locations), interest (gender, age), and behavior targeting (category).

Visibility Of Ads With Three Parameters:

After you select your audience, you can choose these three settings to straighten your reach.

  1. Keywords,
  2. Placements And
  3. Topics.

Choose With Keywords:

You need to look out for the keywords from your videos, not the keywords that people search for the content. YouTube will get all the keywords from your video content title, descriptions, tags, and test them against the key points you have picked. And it will insert your video ads into the most relevant content.

Choose With Placements:

Ads with placement are the most under-rated feature on YouTube ads, but it can reach a hyper-targeted audience. You can select the official channel to play your ads.

Choose With Topics:

You can establish your video ads on various topics. If you select the automobile topic, your video ads will run only in the automobiles related videos. Remember that the selecting topic should be less.

Set Bid Campaign:

Don’t set your bid very low because your video ads won’t run at all. Formulate the max CPV to use, get the historical data, and average CPV for your campaign.

Select The Video:

The last step is to select your video to run as ads. You can paste the URL of your video or find your video through the search box. Because lots of videos on YouTube look similar, to avoid the issue, paste your video’s exact URL.


YouTube is the fast-rising platform that can drive you effective results at a cheap cost. Every feature will play a significant role in getting your campaign success.

Begin with the small, learn a lot from experience, and optimize your video ads on YouTube for the future.

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