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Wine Etiquette – Order Wine Like a Pro at the Restaurant

You might know what “fruit-forward” means in the world of wine drinkers, you may also often use the term oaky, when you are trying to describe the flavor of a glass of red wine you might currently be indulging in, but are you actually mastering the art of ordering wine at the restaurant? Although this might seem like an insignificant detail for the wine-drinking amateur, and a no-brainer for the experts of the field, if you are finding yourself somewhere in the middle – love drinking wine, but lack expertise – looking into the subject further is recommended. Here’s how you can impress your date or friends, and also play the “wine-expert” card in front of your waiter next time you are eating out, and order this delightful type of beverage like a true pro:

Pair your wine with the meal you are eating

The number one rule in wine ordering is thinking about what you are eating. If you know anything about wines, you are probably well-aware of the fact that some dishes need to be served with certain types of wines exclusively. So, in order to earn your “wine pro” badge, research the ins and outs of this topic first. While your usual Merlot (which is known to have a chocolaty & plumy taste) can be easily combined with a burger, a stew or other dishes that fall within the regular American cuisine, a Chardonnay will go better with dishes rich in meat, and a Riesling with meals that have a spicier flavor. In order for the best red wine to actually be savored to its true potential, for example, it needs to be served with a suitable choice of food, so knowing what goes with what is key. However, when in doubt, to not make a crucial pairing mistake, simply opt for a glass of Rose, which usually goes with pretty much everything on the food menu.

The bottle vs. glass dispute

Should you order a glass? Is it better if you go for the whole bottle? These are questions the majority of wine drinkers ask themselves when they are at a restaurant, especially a more pricier one. Well, if you start following a wine blog, and see what wine stewards have to say on the subject, you will find out that going for a bottle could be a better alternative. While it might seem a bit more expensive, you will be however presented with a higher quality, so value-wise, you will be accessing the best offer. If you are dining with a large group, and can’t come to an agreement regarding wine type, a single-glass order will however be fine. Also, if you don’t know what to try on the menu, don’t be afraid to be as descriptive of your likes as possible, stating your preferences in terms of viscosity and flavors.

Never ask for ice!

You couldn’t make a bigger mistake when ordering wine than asking for ice in your glass – this will show you know nothing about wine-drinking, and will leave a somehow bad impression on both those you are with and on the waiter. Any respectable restaurant should store their wine bottles at the ideal temperature, so it should be perfect for drinking just the way it comes. Keeping the bottle in an ice bucket (if it’s one of great quality) is also a bad idea, considering an improper temperature change will only affect its intended taste characteristics. The experts at I Love Wine discuss more about details of this kind.

As you can see, you don’t have to be a sommelier, in order to know how to perfect your wine orders each time you are dining at a restaurant. While there might be numerous things to learn about the world of wine-drinking, adopting the right restaurant wine etiquette isn’t that challenging, as long as you are aware of a few important rules. Keep these pointers in mind next time you are going out to eat, and you won’t have any troubles in pairing your meal with the perfect choice of beverage.

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