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Why You Need to Sail around Majestic Greece

rgetgrttThere is no better way to discover the beautiful country of Greece than through sailing. The majestic waters and breath-taking scenery are best experienced from your catamaran charteror your bareboat charter. Both of these options come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. A charter provides you with the vessel of your choice at a great cost. It enables those who don’t own yatchs to sail without breaking the bank.

Factors to consider:

Sailing experience: You will need to think about your sailing experience and that of those onboard. This is a very important factor as it determines how safe your journey will be. The country of Greece has specific legal requirements for those sailing in its waters and so you need to research about this in order to ensure that you adhere to their laws. Your holiday can be ruined simply because of these legal requirements.


Number of those onboard: The number of those sailing with you will be something else to consider. This is because it will determine the size of the yatch you sail in and whether or not you need crew members. The more you are the bigger the yatch you will need.

The route you sail in: You may not think this is something to think about when planning your sailing holiday in Greece but it is. The route you use will determine what type of documentation you need and the type of weather conditions you encounter.


There are major differences between the catamaran charter and the bareboat charter. The catamaran has twin hulls that are parallel to each other. This enables it to have more space onboard for people and rooms. It is also more stable on the waters despite its ability to sail faster. It could be the perfect choice for you if you are sailing with your family or even for those looking to sail for long periods of time. This vessel will enable you to explore the islands of Greece in an ideal manner. The design of this vessel allows you to enjoy spectacular views while providing you with privacy and space. You can also choose between a vessel with sails or a motorized one. The choice will depend on your preferences.


The bareboat is a vessel that you sail yourself. Most times it does not come with crew members and so you have to plan your route and sail it yourself. The country of Greece requires that those sailing yatchs without qualified crew members must have the required sailing experience and qualifications. This requirement is for your own safety and those onboard your yatch. However sailing the vessel yourself gives you an added sense of independence and freedom. It adds to the excitement of sailing around Greece. This vessel could be ideal for a romantic getaway or for those on their honeymoon. This is because you will be able to sail alone surrounded by spectacular views.

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