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Why You Just Need To Get A Passport

Did you know that nearly half of America does not have their passport? While you can travel throughout the 50 States without needing a passport, there are still plenty of reasons to have one, even if you do not plan to go overseas in the near future!

While driver’s licenses and birth certificates are forms of IDs that are good to have, having a passport is way better!

Aren’t convinced yet? Here are five reasons why you should seriously consider getting a passport.

  1. It is your ticket to the world

Without a passport, you will never be allowed to leave America. Even if you want to hop over to Canada or Mexico, you will need a passport to enter. When you get your passport, it is like you have received your ticket to the entire world, as you will be able to go pretty much anywhere with it, given that you have the appropriate visas sorted as well! Nothing is more fun that collecting travel stamps from all the countries you visit and is a great travel keepsake that costs literally the price of entry in the country if anything at all!

  1. It is a legal requirement for international travel

Not only is a passport a handy form of identification, but it is also legal to enter a foreign country. You will not be allowed access into a foreign country or even back into the United States without a passport to prove who you are and prove you have the right to enter! But not to worry, not only are they easy to get, but if you lose one while overseas, you can contact your embassy and they will be able to get a new one for you.

  1. A handy form of identification

A passport is almost always a universally accepted way to verify your identification. Not only can you use it at the airport or at customs, but you can use it at the grocery store to purchase alcohol, use it to vote or use it for any other activity that requires a government-approved identification form. Passports are also really hard to replicate, so if you want your identity to be safe and not risk someone stealing it, get a passport!

  1. You get a super cute passport holder

Seriously, passport holders are just like wallets in the fact that they not only hold essential items, but also showcase the owner’s personality.You can get your passport cover personalized, get a designer one, or even a super simple and basic one. The choice is yours. But getting a passport holder for your passport is an exciting step, especially if you are someone that has the travel bug!

  1. It is not that expensive

Your ticket around the world is not as expensive as you might assume. They normally cost around $100 USD and are processed within a month your first time around. All you have to do is fill out your form, get a passport-sized photo taken at CVS and submit the application at the post office. Before you know it, your passport will be delivered straight to your door and the world will literally be yours to explore!

Why wouldn’t you get a passport? We all have a wanderlust soul that is curious to learn about the world. And with a passport you get access to basically any country you want to visit, you will always have a government verified form of identification, you will get to collect really cool stamps from all over the world and you won’t have to spend a fortune to get one!

So what are you waiting for? Get your passport and a cute passport holder today!

If you have any questions, please ask below!