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Why Visit Las Vegas in December?

Las Vegas, the largest city in Nevada, also known as the “Sin City”, offers a wide range of activities that you can do throughout the year. I visited Las Vegas twice in summer and once in winter. I can definitely say that I prefer to visit during the colder season. Here are some of the reasons I considered when choosing to visit Las Vegas in December.

Perfect weather

The main reason is the weather. It’s colder in December, so we felt more comfortable walking along the main Las Vegas Strip. During summer, the days are extremely hot (40° C), as the city is in the middle of the desert (Mojave Desert) in the same area as Death Valley.

The minimum average temperature in December is 4° C, and the maximum temperature is 14° C. The desert climate is mild in winter and the nights are quite chilly, but nevertheless, the weather is much warmer than in other regions of America. (Source:

For nature lovers, December is a perfect month for outdoor walks.

We managed to visit one of the most precious treasures of the state of Nevada, the Valley of Fire (Valley of Fire). Due to the bearable temperature of December, we walked around the reservation, without having to spend most of our time in the car, with pictures taken by the windshield, as we did during the summer. The park is not far from Las Vegas (80 km), so it’s worth a trip up there. Also, in December the daytime temperature is perfect for hiking or cycling in the area.

Christmas decorations

The hotel resorts compete in Christmas ornaments. These locations look even more spectacular when they are ready for the holiday, with more bright lights than usual and with massive fir trees full of balloons.

In my opinion, the Bellagio Evening and Botanical Garden (Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden) offers the most amazing and complex Christmas decor. During the holiday, this is one of the busiest places in Las Vegas, so it is best to come early in the day to avoid the crowds.

Parties and concerts

December is a good time to visit Las Vegas and also because of the holidays, concerts and shows organized for the New Year. (Source:

I was pleasantly surprised to meet INNA, a Romanian singer, who was walking with her mother. He had a concert in one of the clubs in Las Vegas, just 2 days before Christmas. I am very happy when I see people following their dream and crossing the borders of the country.

New Year’s Eve

Las Vegas offers an incredible light show on New Year’s Eve. While New York is famous for celebrating New Year’s Eve in Times Square, Las Vegas is hosting America’s Party along the Strip, with lots of spectacular fireworks. Over 300,000 people come to Las Vegas to spend that night surrounded by millions of bright lights.

Las Vegas is a mixture of light and glamor in the middle of the desert. Though this is not related to the purpose of our article, it is worth mentioning the popularity of gambling among visitors and own citizens. Subsequently, this is one of the main sources of income for the city. (Source: From here the glamour and the high lifestyle of the citizens.

It is also a modern and highly developed city that has highways and quick connections. In addition, it is located near some impressive natural areas (Valley of Fire, Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon). Another major tourist attraction, the Grand Canyon, is located in the neighboring state of Arizona, just a 4-hour drive from Las Vegas.

As a conclusion, one can say that Las Vegas is reinventing itself every time, so the experience of visiting that place is always enjoyable and unique.

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