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Why Marbella Is a Great Place To Live

Marbella1. Beautiful Weather-The Costa del Sol is named as such for a reason. More than 300 days of sun per year, and a year round average temperature of over 20 degrees mean that the climate here is perfect for living the warm weather dream. Marbella is also blessed with the benefits of a micro climate, this means that even when the rest of the Costa del Sol is having an off day, chances are, Marbella is still going to be bathed in sunshine.

2. Stunning Scenery-Marbella is situated at the base of La Concha, a stunning mountain rising over 1200m above sea level. With it’s slopes partially covered by the rare Pinsapos pine tree, this limestone giant adds a touch of magic to the landscape, and is a truly breathtaking sight. Whilst the mountain takes a little over 3 hours to scale, time is a small price to pay for the extraordinarily beautiful panoramic views of Gibraltar, northern Africa and mainland Spain you will witness from its peak.

3. Leisure Facilities-For those lucky enough to live in Marbella, there is a plethora of leisure facilities for them to enjoy. Golf in particular is a favourite pastime of many Marbella residents, with over 60 golf courses on the Costa del Sol and more than 30 within 20km of the city itself, if you feel like practicing your drive, there are a multitude of options.


It’s not only golf that is on offer though, Marbella boasts a number of prestigious tennis clubs and a wide array of spas and health centres that make it the perfect place for a spot of relaxation in the sun.

4. Vibrant Nightlife-Marbella has been called the party capital of the Costa del Sol and it is easy to see why. Puerto Banus is one of the most famous clubs in the area and attracts many celebrities both Spanish and international. If the club scene isn’t really your thing, do not despair, Marbella has a wide range of different types of bars, chill outs and members-only drinking holes. There really is something for everyone here and a night out in Marbella is sure to be a memorable experience.


5. Cuisine-Marbella is a particularly international city, and the range of cuisine on offer is a reflection of this. Indian, Thai, Mexican, Greek, Lebanese, Russian, Japanese, French and of course Spanish restaurants are commonplace and if that isn’t enough there even a few more exotic choices such as Lebanese or Iranian. Skina is probably the most famous restaurant in the city, offering creative cuisine based on traditional dishes from Málaga province. This restaurant certainly deserves its Michelin star, and whilst the prices there may be significantly higher than average for the area, it is a must visit for anyone living in the city.

6. Broader View-Whilst Marbella itself offers a huge amount of activities and things to do, it is the city’s proximity to other popular tourist destinations that make it such a fantastic place to live. The amount of places you can visit within a two hour drive is unbelievable. Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Ronda and Malaga are all popular day trip destinations, but many choose to visit Tangiers, the Moroccan capital city, which is only a 50 minute drive and a 30 minute ferry journey away. I would recommend a trip Tangiers to anyone as the cultural delights of the country are something that everyone should witness.

Costa del Sol

What you should take from this article is that Marbella is a city with something for everyone. It ticks all the boxes for a modern city and it really is a fantastic place to live. With Spanish property prices at an all-time low, and houses just waiting to be snapped up, a dream move to Marbella, the jewel of the Costa del Sol, could soon become a reality. If you would like to some expert help with the process of purchasing a home in this beautiful city then there are many professionallawyers in Marbellathat can get you on your way towards spending the rest of your days in the land of luxury.

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