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Why Key West Is Known For Its Fishing Opportunities

fishing boatsThere are many reasons to visit Florida on a vacation, but perhaps the most compelling reason of all is that Key West charter fishing is some of the very best fishing available on the planet. What makes the Sunshine State such a great location for angling and casting? Various environmental factors along with the business climate make Key West one of the most productive fishing regions in the entire world.

Between Nutrients And Currents

Florida is perfectly placed to take advantage of the mid Atlantic currents sweeping through the center of the ocean. These currents drive deep into the ocean floor, bringing up nutrients to the surface in order to power a productive food chain. With the current in place, these nutrients provide sustenance for the small plankton that are the building block of oceanic life. Enough rich plankton means that smaller animals like shrimps and krill are able to get lots to eat and swarm in the billions. When there are billions of tiny lunches and dinners, fish of all sizes congregate, feeding on the invertebrates as well as each other.

This food chain is particularly strong along the Florida coast since Florida acts as a breakwater on the nutrient stream. In the Key West area, the flow of water traps nutrients against the coastline, where they are extremely productive. The number of islands and keys bring the water up to a very shallow level, keeping it warm and allowing the plant life to absorb the sun’s rays. The result is the oceanic equivalent of a greenhouse, where there are always plants in bloom to be eaten.

Chartering Fishing Tours

Having fish out in the open ocean is one thing, but being able to get out there and haul them into your boat is another. The reason that Key West is known for fishing rather than just fishes is that the charter companies have been a staple of the city for decades. Instead of commercial fishing, where massive ships dredge large parts of the sea with huge nets, this area is reserved for private fishing, which is not only less intensive but acts as a population control so that predatory fish do not over-consume the smaller fish in the food chain. Some fishing tours are nearly as old as the city itself, having been run by families or individuals for as long as anyone can remember.

The advantage of these established charters is a matter of experience — anyone who has fished in waters for years and years will not only know the most productive spots to weigh anchor, but will also know how certain fish choose their bait. As such, if you are on the lookout for tarpon or grouper or tuna or marlin, you can find a fishing charter that specializes in one particular species. By contrast, if you only want a fun day out on the boat, you can find a fishing charter that is nearly guaranteed to give you the chance to reel in a picture-perfect catch.

An article published by Sam, a graduate of the School of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Most recently, he’s been touring the States to find the best sporting activities, and was inspired after finding VIP fishing charters in Key West.

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