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Why Join a Yacht Club


Floating around the world, living in the lap of luxury, visiting some of the planet’s most beautiful destinations and letting go of all your troubles — does this sound like the perfect holiday to you?

If so, then you’re not alone. More and more people are choosing to take to the seas for their vacation, enjoying the calm serenity it brings. However, most people also think that holidaying on a yacht is just for millionaires. Well, this type of holiday is actually becoming increasingly accessible thanks to the advent of yacht clubs. They work in much the same way a traditional holiday club does. You can become a member (usually at varying levels) and then choose to take your yachting holidays where and when you choose.

And don’t worry if you think that getting tied into taking a frequent yachting holiday will become dull. You can travel to all kinds of places, take in all kinds of sights and once you get a taste for a yacht then there’s no looking back.

So what’s so great about joining a yachting club? Well, there are so many things that appeal about travelling by sea.

Travel in Style

Yachts are magnificent, with their sleek looks and streamlined bodies. Inside they are even more spectacular, offering superb accommodation, spacious cabins, saloon areas, galleys and plenty of open space on deck for dining or sunbathing.

Perfect Places

There are some places which are simply better seen by sea. You can tour around the Mediterranean or cruise the Caribbean, stopping off at some of the spectacular islands and doing some sightseeing. Travelling by yacht means you aren’t confined to one location and if you’re away for a while you can plan a pretty spectacular route.

Wonderful Water Sport

While it’s great to laze around for a while, you’ll also be itching to take part in some of the fabulous array of water sports on offer whilst you’re yachting, such as snorkelling, scuba diving, water polo, kayaking, windsurfing, fishing and water skiing. Most yachts are equipped for all these activities and more, so if you’ve never tried them now’s the time to start.

Making Friend

Depending on which type of holiday you are taking, you may be alone on the yacht or travelling in company. Unlike a cruise, however, you’ll be travelling with only a few other companions, usually like-minded holidaymakers and it’s a great chance to bond with your fellow passengers and make some lifelong friends. Enjoy sipping a glass of wine together watching the sunset, or do some sightseeing or sports together and you’ll be sure to stay in touch long after you return home.

Love the Luxury

Yachts are undeniably luxurious and when better to indulge yourself a little than when you’re on holiday? Enjoy some fabulous food, sample some local drinks, luxuriate in the sunshine and take a leisurely swim in the sea. After all, you’re a world away from home.

Harry Chapman is a seasoned traveller who has sailed all over the world. He now writes blogs and articles related to travel, and has used Club La Costa to book various experiences including sailing around the Mediterranean.

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