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Why Enjoying a Splendid Trip in Fiji at Raiwasa Grand Villa is a Good Option

etgertgtyAre you planning to have a vacation in Fiji? Having a breathtaking experience is worth it after spending so much for a trip.

Whether you are planning to have a trip as a couple or a family including children, you need to choose the right place.

The first step while planning a vacation is finding a Fiji luxury resort.

Factors to consider before choosing a resort in Fiji

  • Things to do in Fiji

You are not going on a vacation to stay bored. Right? What do you love doing? Do you love hiking, snorkeling, swimming, dancing or any other relevant activity? Are you going with your kids? Identify a resort that has amenities which suits your needs and interests.

  • Homelike characteristics

Nothing feels better than visiting a place where you feel at home. You need a resort that has enough space, privacy, and safety just like your home. You might also need a resort with refrigerators, washers, dryers, and microwaves to cater for your needs in a cost effective way.

  • Exclusive deals

Apart from accommodation, you need a resort with value-added extras like free parking, breakfast, children’s meals, wifi etc. Other entertaining activities like movies, arts and crafts could also make the trip awesome.

  • All inclusive meal plans

You need a resort where you can enjoy plenty of food and drinks without paying extra charges. A one-time charge would be worth it especially if you are dealing with children who eat less.

  • Swimming pools

Don’t you love swimming? A good resort should have swimming pools for kids and adults.

  • Family Entertainment

Every age in a family needs a way of entertaining themselves. As for children, it will be more of playgrounds and artwork. Parents and grandparents would love culinary events and fitness programs.

  • Clean environment

Whether you are travelling with children who crawl around or not, you need a spotlessly clean environment. Everything starting from the bathtubs to the dining areas should be kept clean at all times.

  • Friendly customer care

Customer care matters a lot in any resort. Remember that is a new place and you might need frequent assistance regarding direction and other activities. If you get rude staff members, your whole trip might not be exciting.

Did you know that you could easily get a resort in Fiji with such amazing features? Raiwasa Grand Villa is one of the highly regarded resorts in Fiji. This is a dream hideaway with a serene environment for relaxing after many days of hard work.

Raiwasa’s house and Island activities include:

  • On-site Massage

As a form of relaxation, get spoiled with an outdoor or indoor massage at our resort. This is an affordable way to recover from jet lag.

  • Snorkelling

Do you love snorkelling? Embark on a snorkelling adventure where you can watch different species of fish and species of hard coral.

  • Kayaking

Their two person kayaks will give you a refreshing experience to several bommies. You will be able to see turtles and other sea creatures.

  • Scuba diving

Taveuni Island is an amazing diving site that most visitors love. Can you imagine coming across different marine creatures and stunning reefs? These are one of the features that make this place unforgettable.

Other activities

The above activities are examples of what you are likely to experience. Other activities include bike riding, coastal fishing, pearl farm tour etc.


  • Accommodation

Raiwasa is located on a 3-acre plot of land which is surrounded by a beautiful environment. The resort has two separate rooms each with a king-sized bed and a bathroom.

  • Dining

Do you love tasting different foods? Our cuisine is influenced by Fijian culture and you can eat what you love most. You can have fruits, vegetables, and other island cuisine.

Raiwasa also has other amenities like transportation services from our 4 wheel drive Ford Ranger at affordable rates.

If you have any questions, please ask below!