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Whitechapel-a Cultural Guide

whitechapel-road-londonThe city of London is gradually becoming one of the most thriving holiday destinations in the whole wide world and it is surely one of the most idealistic travel; destinations that will eventually make you feel thoroughly enriched all the time.

London happens to be the capital of England and the United Kingdom. This city has a stupendously enigmatic transformation which has given rise to a cosmopolitan culture which is different from what the ancient London city used to be. The pristinely flowing River Thames adds up to the spectacular exclusivity that the British capital takes pride in possessing. The city of London can be best described as the mostly explored multiethnic village that proudly displays the vibrant hues of a hip and happening holiday destination.

London, by all means is a majestic holiday destination that derives the fact that there is absolutely no dearth of accommodation arrangements in this city. London is one of the idealistic places on earth that has the capacity to make even the most discerning soul feel entertained and this is probably the best part about coming on a vacation in London city.

While holidaying over here, you must always try to pay a visit to the Whitechapel. Before that you must consider extracting some of the important information about the Whitechapel neighborhood in order to know what to expect while coming over here.

Whitechapel was named after a small chapel a d was dedicated to St Mary's which was finally destroyed during the Second World War. It is steeped in enriching history and would always make you feel captivated all the time. It has been a site of several breweries and tanneries along with foundries. By the middle of the 18th century, Whitechapel was hammered with poverty and overpopulation. Like many places in The East End, it has also degenerated into Dickensian London.

White chapel is one of the few places in London city that is overlooked hen listing down the pros of East London. A Crossrail station is going to be set up here in 2018, this will pave way for the visitors travelling from Shoreditch to the City. This site has been wondrous mix of old and new East End architectural that lets people take notice of all the interesting eccentricities in the most captivating manner.

Stay at M by Montcalm Shoreditch rooms from where it will get easier for you to access the travel attractions in the most captivating manner. The more you choose to stay at a city centre, the better will be the range of your outcome. It gets always quite necessary to arrange for a vacation abode that will eventually put you in the heart of the city. The central London hotel is appropriate for making you enjoy an easy access to every interesting sight and attractions.

You need to go through a guide of Whitechapel that will further help you in getting a clear understanding of every bit of the English capital in a desirable manner.


In order to explore the royal heritage of this area, you can check out the Royal London Hospital Museum which is tucked round the back in the crypt of the 19th century church. The hospital is known for the treatment of John Merrick. The Museum offers a particular focus on his life including a replica of his skeleton along with several surgical instruments, uniforms, documents and equipment.

Many people think of notable serial killer Jack the Ripper who has a remarkable association with Whitechapel. This is a fascination that draws hoards of leisure seekers to take some time out to explore this area in particular while coming over to the city of London. Numerous specified tours run regularly in this area where the tourists get the opportunity to explore glorious details with costumes and effects. Stay at the luxury rooms in Shoreditch that will eventually make things easier for you.

Visit the Bell Foundry which happens to be a cheerful feature of the historic Whitechapel. It holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the oldest manufacturing company in Britain. It has been continuously in production since 1570. The biggest claim to fame of this Foundry is the manufacturing of notable bells including the Liberty Bell, the Great Bell of Montreal and Big Ben.

East London Mosque

It is one of the largest and oldest mosques in Europe and has successfully grown to include a community centre along with a school. It offers a range of services to the Muslims. This also includes non-Muslim visitors who are willing to enjoy every single bit of their time in the most electrifying manner. They ran a number of courses for those who are more eager to learn about the Islamic religion.


Visit the Genesis Cinema which is home to the East End Film Festival and is comprised of the best features of any local independent cinema. It is famous for screening the latest releases, independent art films and also offers an incredible range of events on a monthly basis.

Visit the Wilton Music Hall which is one of the few remaining music halls from 19th century London. It reopens as a venue again in 2004 and produces a wide variety of plays, concerns and musicals.


The Whitechapel Gallery is one of the most alternatively cool galleries in the English capital which displays contemporary art. It has hosted works from the likes of Picasso, Jackson Pollock and David Hockney in the past.

You are surely going to love every single bit of your time that you choose to spend over here. It is definitely all about how exactly you plan things and the better you plan things, the more overwhelming are going to be the range of results. It is all about how beautifully London city is going to shape up.

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