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When In Canada Do Bungee – Let No Fear Conquer Your Soul!

reerJust a personal note – I’ve got a special affinity towards Canada because – one, my boyfriend lives there and two, because it’s all about adventure. And, we’re talking just about the latter part.

So Canada has been a part of my childhood dreams because I was told there’s a lot of snow there, and bungee jumping became other dream because I wanted to fly. When the kids in my class wanted to become actresses and models I wanted to become a bird – and just as weird as it sounds I never became one, because it was never possible. So then, the next thing I could really think of was bungee jumping and what could be a better plan than having your two wishes being fulfilled in one go?

So here’s how it all started – One day, with all the excitement in the world I finally mustered the courage to travel solo to Canada, not to see my boyfriend but to do bungee and it was to get thrilling every minute.

Now the story – Everything About Bungee

Just as crazy as it sounds, bungee has all the fun involved in it – just how you’d want it to be – it has thrill, risk, excitement and most of all it has adventure. The perfect bungee happens when you let the thrill and adventure take over – and when you feel that adrenaline rush through the veins making you just take that jump because life is too short to dies a boring life.

So, when I went to Canada my research was based on all the beautiful places where I could do bungee jumping, and I came up with a list of these 4 most amazing ones. Read the post until the end if you’re either a fan of bungees and would love to explore places around Canada for bungee or are on your way of becoming one. This post is dedicated to all the bungee lovers, just like me.

  1. The Great Canadian Bungee – One of the most reputed – highest bungee jump in Canada, this is a 200-feet behemoth, a perfect option for those who’re extremely passionate about it. The Great Canadian Bungee is located at the edge of a cliff, the drop to the bottom will definitely overwhelm you with a wall of solid limestone that drops in a 160-foot deep aqua lagoon, which is still greater than three combined football fields. Once you fall back to the earth, let your body decompress the adrenaline on the hidden beach in Wakefield, Quebec. Relaxing on the beach is the perfect way to slow down the heart rate, while the bungee is a great way to live an adventurous life.
  2. Whistler Bungee Jumping – Open throughout the year, Whistler is the perfect choice for trying your hand at bungee jumping. Located just 15 minutes out of the Whistler village, this bungee will bestow upon you the opportunities to hurl yourself off a tower looking down at the very beautiful gorge, and fall 160 feel just above the river. One of the highest jumps in BC, and of course the most beautiful there’s nothing like watching the Rocky Mountains and screaming your way down. Perfect in every sense of the word, the Whistler Bungee Jumping should be on your list of bungees if you’ll ever be in Canada.
  3. Center Of GravityWest Edmonton Mall – Another one on the list of bungees in Canada is the West Edmonton Malls – the hub of Northern Alberta, with all the ample room in the huge mall. The perfect bungee for the people who’ve got the ability to jump from the ceiling above the massive wave pool in the World Water Park. While this may not sound easy, it is definitely worthwhile – and if you seek audience to see your triumphant 100 foot fall, this is the place for you to be. The entire Water Park stops to watch as Bungee Jumpers fall, and scream. Center of Gravity is the World’s largest indoor Bungee Jump.
  4. Ottawa River Bungee – Last on the list of bungees you should try in Canada is the Ottawa Rover Bungee – the perfect place to stop in the summer. There’s plenty to see, and lots to do, because it’s a sight to watch being in that location. For those wanting to get their blood pumping, Ottawa River Bungee is your source for adrenaline. The man made tower sits at over 150 feet above the Ottawa River, it is easily one of the best ways to cool off on a hot summer day. Book your bungee with your white water rafting, and save some of that hard earned money of yours.

Your love for bungee jumping should be timeless and limitless; and if you’re just ready to let the adrenaline rush take over your body when you hurl yourself into the cliffs, then these bungee jumping options in Canada are all you need.

So, pack your bags and your spirit, and get ready for Canada.


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