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What to Know Before Traveling To Ireland!

Let's explore the life of Irish together!

What can be more exciting than traveling abroad? New places, luxury hotels, various sites, different cuisines. Yes, of course. But the main highlights of Ireland are its traditions and customs. It is very interesting to learn some new things from other nations and get a new experience.

So, here is a list of Irish favorite traditions. Tourists should be involved too!

1. Limericks game: Who is the funniest?

Take part in this funny Irish game! The main goal is to write a poem which will force others to burst out of laughing.

There can be a few teams or an individual game. You will get a card with words and need to create your own poem in the funniest way.

At the end the winner will get a prize. This game is a nice way to spend your time not only with joy but also with possibility to create a real masterpiece and laugh to tears!

2. Claddagh Ring

Wearing this kind of ring means that you are a romantic person, and also shows your respect to Irish culture.

The ring consists of a heart with a crown between two hands, which mean friendship, the crown-loyalty and a heart-real love.

From romantic point of view there are a few ways to wear a ring, and each has its own meaning.

If the heart is turned towards on the right hand - you are still looking for a true love.

If the heart is turned inwards on the right hand symbolizes your happiness because you have found someone to present your heart.

The ring on the left hand with the heart turned inwards means that you have finally found your couple and you are ready to spend all life together.

3. Handfasting

This ancient Celtic ceremony is still preserved in Ireland. The hands of the couple are connected by a ribbon to represent eternal union and respect to native heritage.

This "tying the knot" ceremony is held before the couple exchange their rings.

Actually in the Middle Ages handfasting ceremony was the only lawful way of marriage.

4. Bloomsday

The Irish Bloomsday is a day to honor the well-known Irish writer-James Joyce.

For the first time it was held in Ireland in 1954, and now is still celebrated!

The great festival includes many cultural events, reenactments, performances, readings connected with a big masterpiece "Ulysses" novel.

People are dressed in different costumes, as characters from the book and even make a parade to the places mentioned in the novel.

On the 100 anniversary of the Joyce’s birth broadcaster RTÉ transmitted 30-hour acting of the Ulysses book on radio in Ireland. This novel made a great influence on the life of Irish as no other book in the world.

5. Women’s Christmas or a day off

Women’s Christmas or Nollaig na mBan is celebrated on the 6th of January. This tradition is strongly honored and preserved especially in Cork and Kerry.

On that day men fulfill all household work and cooking. At that time women usually have parties, go with their friends out, visit bars, pubs and restaurants.

Children prepare some gifts for their mothers and grandmothers. This is the best day to have fun and relax for women in Ireland.

6. Halloween customs

Take part in Halloween holiday that will show your respect to old traditions and Irish people.

Did you know that Halloween or Samhain was celebrated by the ancient Celts, who were the first to begin this tradition?

According to their believing the spirits of dead could come to people.

The well-known custom ‘trick or treat' was actually a way to sing or pray for souls by poor people. They were usually given "a soul cake with fruit" for prays.

Nowadays a special dinner is prepared with boiled potatoes, curly kale and raw onions on Halloween night.

Unique custom is to hide a coin in the colcannon of children, which they should keep for luck.

Also the ring can be hidden in the colcannon, and the person who will find it will definitely get married during the year.

7. Chalk Sunday

"Chalk Sunday" is a day when all bachelors, who want to get married, are marked by a long streak of chalk on the back.

It is held on the first Sunday after Shrove Tuesday.

The boys are waiting for their "victim" at the entrance of the church on Sunday Liturgy.

In such a way they hurl a taunt at unmarried people and tease them by shouting ‘And you are not married though Lent has come.’

During Lent it is forbidden by church to get married, so young boy and girls should wait till Easter.

Now, you can begin your trip to beautiful Ireland and take part in Irish special traditions.

By the way, the fastest and the most convenient way to travel through Ireland is by your own car, which you can rent at Dublin Airport.

Have unforgettable Irish holidays!

If you have any questions, please ask below!