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What to Do in Chicago

Chicago is easily one of the best known cities in the United States of America - and rightfully so. Known as the Windy City, its claim to fame not only lies on once being the home city of the legendary Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, it also boasts of a diversity that seeps through its food, art, and music. Here are some worthwhile things to do while you’re there.

1. Immerse in the Blues


For blues fans, Chicago is arguably the world's capital. While in the city, immerse yourself in the vibrant blues scenes that can be found every day and anywhere from the suburbs to the uptowns. With concerts and events all year round, Chicago is a great place to be in for any music lover of all ages. Both locals and tourists can find great music nightly within walking distance from hotels and tourist spots in the city.

2. Museum-hop


Let your inner geek out and head on over to the Museum of Science and Industry. It offers an insight into the amazing innovations that have shaped modern history as we know it. Then let your imagination run wild with the many interactive presentations, displays, and exhibits at the Omnimax Theatre. You can also pay a visit to Sue, the most complete and best preserved T-Rex skeleton ever unearthed, at the world-class Field Museum which houses a credible directory of must-see artifacts, cultures, and animals that any family can enjoy.

3. Spend a day at the park

Chicago Lakefront Path

While the city provides many interesting and exciting ventures to both locals and tourists, a break from the hustle and bustle is definitely needed from time to time. Spend a day or two at one of the many diverse parks and beaches. They are usually just be minutes away from downtown, such as the Chicago Lakefront Path which is bordered by some of the best beaches and parks that the windy city has to offer. It stretches for an estimated twenty miles along the lakeshore, with downtown Chicago intersecting the path's center, making it one of the best places to spend a day in relaxing and exploring.

You can also pay a visit to Millennium Park, which in itself is a staple of the city for its giant reflective bean - a photo-op must for the first time visitor.

4. Check out the art and antique galleries

Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago is home to the country's leading art collections, which are housed in the Art Institute of Chicago. Here, you can appreciate the incredible artwork from various centuries and continents, including van Gogh, Monet, and Rembrandt to name a few. If you're into antique French furniture, then head on over to Antiques on Old Plank Road where you can find vintage and antique pieces from all over Europe and have custom-made furniture made to your taste.

5. Go on a foodie tour

culinary delights

As a city known for diversity in culinary delights, eating is a definite must when in Chicago. However, attempting to try out as many food treats as possible can be overwhelming - not to mention expensive. Fortunately, there are many food tours in operation that can take you through individual neighborhoods and get a taste and dose of history of each neighborhood while partaking in the culinary offerings that each of them has to offer. Wicker Park, Chinatown, and Taste Chicago are just some of the Food Tours that you can tap into for that great Chicago Food experience.

With all the great food, music, and arts scene that the Windy City has to offer, it's no wonder Chicago is one of the best-known cities in America!

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