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What to Consider when You Paint and Decorate Your House on a Tight Budget

Painting and designing the interior of a house can be a costly task, even if only one room or the entire house is decorated. How do you prepare your home with good taste and small budget? A question we will try to answer in the following material.

Small budget house ideas start from two essential things, a plan, and good taste. To limit yourself to a tight budget, you absolutely need to make a plan. If you do not have a plan, you will go to the store and buy all the things that will attract you, you will spend a lot, you will lose a lot of time and once you get home, you will find that you did not get exactly what you needed. Planning is essential for any project and is far more important when it comes to a small budget. Nobody wants to take the job and finally see that their money is not enough.

When it comes to good taste, we should only think about the things you like, that create harmony and identify with. On a specialized site, you can find suggestions that would help you a lot in finding the harmony you want in painting and designing your house.

Take some pictures of furniture or decor that you liked on the internet. You can insert them in PowerPoint, in a single slide, about 10 of the objects you liked, trying to see which one they fit into. If you are not well-versed in the computer, take pictures of the chosen objects and place them on a piece of cardboard.

When you do this, you will realize which ones are in harmony and which are not. Compare and match the images to each other so you can get an idea of ​​where to start.

Once you have finished with the ideas panel, think about how you could implement your dream at home.

It is best to start with what you already have in the house. Analyze things with other eyes. What if you do a repainting? But what if you just changed the sofa cover or the carpet? Or maybe just the luster and the curtains?

The idea of ​​this panel is to help you with the next important step in designing a small budget house: THE PLAN!

Once you have found inspiration for the design and established the style you want to adopt, divide the project into components – parquet, furniture, paint, decor, etc. See where you fit your budget. Do not forget the price for the work, which is preferable to add value higher than the one indicated on the Internet. There are always unforeseen situations when working with craftsmen.

Don’t decorate everything all at once!

In addition to the fact that your money may not be available, the styles and tastes change over time. Try living in that room for a while to see exactly what it should be and how it should be.

Start with redecorating or repainting a room that really needs it and not just because the fashion trend has changed. Add small pieces of décor – you may find that the idea you left off doesn’t match that room nor does it have the desired utility.

The second step is to reuse/refurbish what you already have. Certainly a new furniture surprises us every time, but there may be satisfaction in reusing existing objects. With a little repair work, some of them – where possible – may become usable again, and the price paid may be lower than for a new item. Where appropriate, discard or restrict their use. Do you really need so many cabinets on the wall? Can the bed in the bedroom be redone with a new mattress or should another be thrown and bought? Does the balcony need so much stuff in it? There are things you can do yourself at home, such as new paint applied to the walls or to cabinets, or various objects created by yourself.

There are dozens of sites on the Internet that can show you how to make cheap, or even recyclable – materials that you may already have at home – various pieces of furniture or decor.

Moreover, you can buy older furniture that can be refurbished at home if you wish to apply a personal note on the furniture or in situations where the older furniture would fit much better with the interior design style.

If you are buying new furniture, it is advisable to choose the furniture with a view to the future, especially in the case of children’s rooms. Because the furniture does not change very often, it is advisable to use adult furniture in the children’s rooms, but with various ornaments or colors to show that a child lives there. Here you can play with color palettes on the walls of the room, decorative objects inspired by the rich world of children, and the advantage is that when they grow, the walls can be repainted according to their age and preferences, the furniture remaining the same.

In the rest of the house, it is advisable to use furniture that is first and foremost useful and as far as possible can be moved easily or readjusted to different needs.

It should be noted that in a room, the term decoration refers to the use of various objects that have no other role than to decorate the room, to change the image of the room, focusing on various objects such as works of art or draperies, carpets. decorative, coffee table, pillows on sofas, etc.

It is cheaper to color the walls or buy cushions for the sofa that color the area than to find furniture of the right color and to match the rest of the objects. The furniture should be neutral in color and can be easily matched to the rest of the house. Or rather, the rest of the objects can be matched to the furniture by changing colors. Painting the walls is also an option in case you decide to do a renovation as well.

You can also change the furniture handles and knobs with new ones and have no problem: you can purchase such accessories independently of furniture. You can give the current chandelier afacelift by changing the lampshade with a new one or giving the old one a new “face”, using a textile material and a glue tube.

Use paintings, family photos, artwork, family gallery. What happens to you when you go on a visit to take a bullet to the pictures on the wall or on the shelves? From here discussions, questions begin. The pictures are never too many, they show your personality, personal story, friends, family and all.

It is a way to make your house very comfortable for guests. And such are personal exposures.

But let’s not forget another thing you can do for your apartment, when you think about redecorating and which is for little money: plants. We recommend a few plants that do not require too much time for care, but will completely change the atmosphere in the house.

In the kitchen, instead of changing furniture, you can only replace part of it. If the structure of the kitchenware is in good condition, it can be repainted or change the worktops and countertops. In this way, the entire kitchen will acquire a new air. Moreover, you can also change the curtains, and from a similar material, you can also make seat cushions, where appropriate. In addition to these larger changes, you can also use a number of smaller items, which can add personality to the kitchen, such as: towel hanger, shelves, spice containers, etc.

In many cases, in a house, the hall is neglected. A painting, a well-placed photograph or a few blotches of color will shape his own personality.

For newly purchased items it is good to choose quality things that have warranty service for a longer period of time. You can start with sanitary ware, sink, bathtub, radiators, or interior doors, oven, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc., as these are not objects you would like to change after five years.

Do not forget the importance of storage spaces in a house, as these are absolutely essential. You can purchase beds that have interior storage boxes for sheets, pillows, blankets; or the various boxes that create extra storage space, just as ideal for pilots, bed linens or objects that you want to hide from the eyes of the curious, but still keep them handy. Equally useful are the stool boxes, the large bedside tables, with many drawers. If the closet isn’t roomy, there are now smart clothes storage spaces that help you organize them as best you can.

When it comes to finishes you have to think about functions. The kitchen and bathroom are good to have ceramic tiles so that they can be easily cleaned and you have no problems with the grease. But even here you can save. How?

By choosing neutral finishes and covering what is needed. It is not obligatory to cover the top and bottom walls in the faience, but it is very good if the walls in the area where it inevitably splashes are covered. Also, the floor deserves to be fine and well done, but choose neutral, gloss-free finishes or a complicated pattern. When the money is calculated, the best solutions are the simple ones.

Choosing a minimalist style to decorate the interior of your house will cost less compared to the ornate styles and allows you to be in trend with future design styles through small changes.

In interior design, minimalism is defined by neutral colors, especially monochromatic ones, the use of natural materials, cabinets and furniture with straight lines.

The lighting should be discreet but abundant. Make sure you use only a few accessories, and when choosing a product, opt for one or two large pieces, not small portions of various styles. Note that a minimalist style also involves maintaining an image of cleanliness and order.

So for dozens of ideas for decorating the house on a small budget, there are dozens of options, it’s all about finding the style to create the atmosphere of a harmonious home.

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