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What the Photos You Post on Social Media Say About You

Some people believe that photographs can have different meanings depending on who views them. In this age, when you and most people post selfies, groufies, and other photos, it is interesting to look at them and analyze what the pictures uploaded on social media say about the user. Psychologists say that there are secret desires or hidden complexes that you sometimes fail to see but can notice when you look at a photograph carefully.

How the world looks at you and your pictures

It would be fun to learn a few things about you or your friends by looking at photos uploaded on social media sites. At the same time, you can collate the happy memories that you stored online through a social media photo memory book service like My Social Book. It is easy to create these photo books, which you can design yourself to give them a personal touch.

Different selfies

Suppose someone uploads various selfies, including fitness looks, elevator looks, or selfies in the mirror. Then, it can indicate that the person has an excessive need for approval and recognition from other people. It can also mean the person is vain, self-centered, or has a narcissistic personality.

Sexy selfies

Pictures exhibiting a duck face or an attractively emphasized body outline mean that the person is sending a message of being liberated and ready to experiment. It’s a way to attract attention and tell the world that they are “on the market.”

Couple photos

People who upload couple photos want to say they have a strong, long-term relationship. They want to declare that they are not alone; they are loved, appreciated, and needed. Sometimes the uploader wants to prove something to other people or their exes. It can also mean that they are trying to show they’re better than their less fortunate friends who are still looking for someone special.

Group photos

People who often upload group shots or photos of parties want to show how much fun they have with their friends. However, it can also mean inner loneliness or a feeling of emptiness. Moreover, they may be using the group photos to boost their vanity, declaring that they find it flattering that certain people allow them to be part of the group.

Photos with children

If the person uploads their childhood photos or uses them as their profile picture, it could mean that they are getting tired of being an adult. They are tired of adult responsibilities such as mortgage payments and bank loans. It indicates a subconscious desire to go back to their childhood and be taken care of instead of taking care of other people. On the other hand, it could only mean that they want to share the photos of their children, showing off one of their life’s achievements — being a mother.

Photos of nature

There are two ways to look at this. If the uploader posts many landscape photos, it could mean that the person is satisfied with their life. They have attained success and have the time to admire nature. Conversely, it could mean that they are already tired of the hectic daily life. They wish to contemplate nature and enjoy a bit of privacy.

Now that you know the meanings behind the photos uploaded on social media, perhaps you’ll think twice before uploading some images that are better kept hidden.

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