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What Clothes Do You Need to Pack for a Safari Holiday

lionIf you are planning on heading off on an African safari, sourcing suitable outdoor clothing should be a pre-requisite when packing your suitcase. You’ll find that a safari holiday is very informal, so your choice of clothing should reflect this. Just be sure to pack a smarter shirt or two should you be planning on enjoying more formal dinners. For the best part, following our simple guide will have you looking like an experienced explorer.


Pack a hat with a brim that will shield both your face and your neck from the sun, as well as hard-wearing shorts for warmer days. You should make sure that you have appropriate footwear for a comfortable and enjoyable trip. Sturdy walking or hiking boots are a good idea, particularly if you are enjoying a walking safari holiday. Socks should be made from cotton, rather than man-made fibres, to ensure that your feet remain comfortable throughout your trip.


You will have noticed that safari workers tend to wear lighter colours during the day. Lighter colours are more comfortable in hot weather than darker colours, and will allow you to blend in more with your surroundings, decreasing your visibility to the animals that you are trying to spot. Khaki, beige, brown and olive tend to be the colours recommended for those taking safari holidays, but you may find that certain areas will request that you wear a particular colour-be sure to check before you leave. Avoid wearing white as it will make you stand out and will look dirty more quickly. Darker colours, especially dark blue, are also highly attractive to the tsetse fly and may leave you covered in bites.

Pack light

It is advised to pack light for safari holidays, as there will be little space for multiple suitcases and bags on the truck on which you are travelling. You will be able to hand wash items of clothing that can dry naturally in the sun, or you can iron them using an electric or coal iron. You may even find that lodge staff will do this for you as part of your holiday package. For this reason, very few changes of clothing are needed: and be sure not to pack any items of clothing that are made from more delicate fabrics, as they may become damaged.


While on safari, you will find that the temperature will change dramatically over the course of a single day, with some months experiencing very hot highs and very cold lows. For this reason, layers are essential. Consider taking a Gore-Tex jacket for its wind-proof properties, both short sleeved and long sleeved tops as well as suitable outdoor trousers. Check seasonal weather forecasts before you leave, as you may find that waterproof clothing is also required.

There may be other items of clothing that you wish to take, such as gloves and a warm hat for the early mornings if you really feel the cold, just be sure not to over pack for your trip.

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