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What Are The Best Places To Visit With Kids In Dubai?

Dubai is a leading destination for the purpose of tourism. As a solo traveler visiting Dubai, it is very easy for you to enjoy the skyscrapers, deserts or beach resorts, but what about visiting Dubai with kids? Despite of the fact that there are numerous places to enjoy and have fun still every place is not suitable for kids. Here is a list of most enjoyable and fun places for kids in Dubai. Hence, if you are planning to visit Dubai, along with your kids, you must consider these places:

Top kid’s friendly places of Dubai

  • Dubai Waterparks.
  • Dubai ice rink.
  • Ski Dubai.
  • Kidzania Dubai.
  • Jumeirah beach park Dubai.
  • Bounce Dubai.
  • Desert Safari
  • Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo.

Dubai Waterparks

Good news: Regardless of the season, Dubai is always hot and the available waterparks are always open. Wild Wadi, Aqua Venture and Yas World are some of the most known waterparks of Dubai. They are among the most favorite places for the kids of Dubai. In the Aquaventure Park, kids would love to sit near the Dolphin’s bay and even can play with the dolphins. At Wild Wadi Park, you can undergo various water sports like surfing kayaking and even Jet Ski Dubai.

Dubai Ice Rink

Among the most popular choices for families with kids, Dubai Ice Rink is one of them. The ice skating rink is open seven days a week. Kids and adults alike can have fun in this place. If you are not good enough at ice skating, use a penguin helper to hold. The price for ticket varies according to age. Here the weekend disco session is everyone’s favorite.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is located at The Mall of Emirates. This is the only indoor skiing place of the world, so do not miss it. It is the best source of avoiding the crucial heat. Yes, in this park, the temperature is maintained at -2 degree Celsius; once you step in Ski Dubai you will forget the summers. It is covered with snow during the whole year. Ski Dubai is the all-time favorite for kids. The whole family can do their favorite activities such as skiing, snowboarding and enjoy snow events. This exotic park has the best hot chocolate.

Kidzania Dubai

Kidzania Dubai is an interactive plus entertainment facility for the children. It consists of a tiny city where the kids are encouraged to learn and grow. For families with kids, it is a good place to spend a day. It is suitable for children between the ages of 1 and 14. The place is open between 10am and 10pm on weekdays and till 11pm on weekends.

Jumeirah beach park Dubai

Jumeirah Beach Park is the finest Dubai park that can be visited along with family having kids. With its ample place, it is appropriate for picnics and barbecue too. You can also enjoy lots of water sports here, like jet ski Dubai marina. Families can utilize the various facilities including the kids play area, bbq, showers and a lot more.

Bounce Dubai

Bounce Dubai is an indoor trampoline park that has grabbed the attention of children in last few years. It is an amazing park all set for indoor activities, in order to evade the heat outside. This warehouse is packed with almost hundred interlinked trampolines that are ready for wall jumps and dodgeballs. Instructors are there to guide kids and to give helpful tips and tricks. This place is entirely for kids but parents can always join them or can have a snack at the café.

Desert Safari

One of the most popular places among the kids and adults is desert safari; you cannot have true Dubai experience without visiting the desert, can you? To keep kids engaged, MxDubai offers various activities like camel ride, dune bashing and buggy ride. Some people visit it just for desert adventures in Dubai. The prices for Dubai dune buggy tour varies according to the agencies through which you have booked. Moreover, you can also enjoy the Arabian night after the desert adventure, where there will be cultural performances, entertainment and belly dance. After your ride of dune buggy Dubai, you will also be served with a dinner of BBQ at the camp.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

This place consists of a wonderful collection of almost 140 species, 300 sharks plus largest collection of the sand tiger sharks. This place is like a tunnel that is transparent and that runs via its floor. Undoubtedly it is the best and safest place for the kids. It is open on the daily basis within the mall.

Visit your favorite place

Beyond doubt, there are number of options for you when you want to visit places of your kid’s choice. All these places are amazing and best for your vacations. Visiting Dubai is a fun-filled family vacation that you will never forget.

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