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Vacation Ideas that Suit Workaholics the Best

According to Dr. Mark Griffiths Evaluation and the Health Professions review, the prevalence of individuals addicted to work among Americans is about 10%. It is an intrusive dedication that prevails over almost all aspects of life. For many people their addiction is related inseparably to feelings of their intrinsic value and integrity.

What is a workaholism?

Workaholism is more than a simple devotion to your profession.
A workaholic spends long hours at work to the detriment of health and private life. If they are not working, they are going over work moments and problems in their heads. Besides, work determines their mood and when they are not busy, they feel guilty and nervous. They are sure that busy people are important people indeed. It’s true, though to some extent! A 2001 Family Therapy study proved that the inability to rest leads not only to such health problems as insomnia, depression and nervous exhaustion but to family relations problems as well. The good news is that any workaholic can learn to find the rational balance between work and rest following simple advice.

Vacations for reviving

The main mistake of workaholics is that they cannot rest and not feel guilty. And they do not know how to get rid of it. What is important?

Change attitude to leisure

Vacation is the award for completed good work. That’s an icing on the cake! Grab that icing and throw it into a glass with a fresh mojito!

Gather a great company

Good company is half the battle! Trusted friends will help to disconnect from the world and troubled thoughts. It is better to be around people, than sitting alone in a luxury apartment with a work laptop and continue to save the universe.

Opt for active rest

The best recreation is a change of activity. Physical activity lets us support the heart’s intensity of the oxygen exchange, increase protein delivery to brain cells and regularize the insulin level. What benefits will a workaholic have in future? Active rest will lower the level of anxiety, improve their memory and mental capacity and will bring creative renaissance when you come back to work. Let’s consider some types of active rest that will help to relax and forget about problems on vacation:

    • Surfing

      Surfing presents a fresh look at problems and difficulties. Water is a powerful deliverer of negative energy at the physical layer. In addition to gorgeous seaside views that can give impetus to creativity rebirth, it helps to relieve stress, reduce chronic fatigue and look at life inevitable setbacks from a new side. Newbies might need some assistance from a professional surfer.


    • Rafting

      Along with the adrenaline burst that you’ll never forget, a rafting team member has a chance to strengthen the muscles and experience a perfect cardio workout as they continue to fight the challenge of the river for long periods of time. And furthermore, rafting helps to seclude from obsessive thoughts as being in the wilderness without modern gadgets together with like-minded people takes a lot of discipline and teamwork skills. Depending on the difficulty of the river, rafters may often meet obstacles in the boundless territory of Mother Nature. There is no chance to contemplate loose ends!


    • Hot air balloon rides

      Strikingly, having a ride in a hot air balloon can bring some excellent benefits. Except for a fun experience, a balloon rider has a possibility to keep them in good shape! Yep, it turns out that some hot air balloon companies give their customers a chance to take part in hot air balloon inflation and deflation. So, it appears that this activity is an intensive workout! Let’s take into account the vast size of a balloon and the distance a passenger has to walk in order to unwrap, roll out, and then pack it again. Besides, being airborne let a person be exposed to ozone that increases energy! As a result, a balloon rider will receive a higher level of serotonin that promotes happiness and a general sense of wellbeing.

hot air balloon ride

    • Rock climbing

      This empowering sport boosts creativity, sharpens memory, wakes up the brain, treats insomnia and depression and increases happy reward chemical dopamine. Climbing up a cliff often demands huge body awareness and problem-solving skills. As climbers have to overcome their own fears all the time, it helps to put life’s other challenges into perspective.

mount climbing

  • African Safari

    Taking a safari means that a person is really cutting off from daily frenetic routine! There is no connect to Wifi and a tourist can feel free from work pressure and responsibilities. Moreover, being in a safari environment let people use their five senses much more than usual, especially if tourists walk and sleep in the bush. As Karen Blixen said: “You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.” It may sound funny, but time spent in the slight element of danger and adventure makes anxious people feel more present and perceptive. And what’s interesting, safari rest is not only thrilling! Tourists may choose any non-risky tour and take things at a gentle pace existing more at the moment as days on safari follow a more natural circadian rhythm. Relaxation is inevitable!

African Safari

Unfortunately, our body is not an eternal engine and regular overtime work will affect a workaholic’s health inevitably in the form of nervous breakdowns, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. If an over-responsible person realizes that quality rest is one of the human basic needs that should be met, it will be the first step on the road to recovery.

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