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Travelling to and Discovering Tamarindo

fegtgrtTamarindo is a favorite destination in Costa Rica where most tourists to the country like to spend their time. As such, most tourists with the destination as their target will be concerned about the fastest and most convenient way there. Well, when you are new to a new and exciting place, it is only natural for you to do some research on the best way to find your way there, and have the fun you anticipated. It is from this perspective that this brief article has been fabricated. In the next few lines of text, you’ll discover various means of transport to Tamarindo, as well as some advice about what to watch out for and what to look for.

What’s So Special About Tamarindo Anyway?

It’s mostly the beach. Playa Tamarindo, a long and rocky beach, is the home to some perfect waves for surfing. We all know that where there is a beach, there must be a large water body nearby. Tamarindo is also ideal for eco-friendly activities like snorkeling, watching turtles, diving, fishing, and for the lovebirds – horseback riding. The beach is basically clean, therefore it’s perfect for vacations, relaxations, and whatever events that could thrive in that environment. Speaking of vacations and relaxations, there are various ideal spots for Spa & Beauty stuff, Massages, and Sunset Sailing. It’s one of the best destinations for unwinding. Miscellaneous activities incorporate Estuary Safari, ATV tours, Kayak Tours, White Water Rafting classes, Scuba Diving, Sports Fishing, Surfing Lessons, and Canopy Tours.

So How Do I Get There?

Depending on your origin – I’ll assume some airport because chances are that you are a tourist from another country – you’ll mostly have various options as a means of transport. Let’s have a look.

Taxi – most people are familiar with taxis. Almost all countries have a form of taxi. Tamarindo is in Liberia, Costa Rica and chances are that regardless of which airport you arrived in the country, there will be a taxi available to transport you to the destination of your choice. Mind you that Taxis are usually owned by different businesses; therefore, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find a first-class taxi with someone to carry your luggage for you and stuff. The taxis you’ll come across in Costa Rica will range from decently clean one to some that are filthy and unbearable (depending on how much filth you can stand). So be careful and ensure that before you let your Jet lag get the better of you, first check the condition of the vehicle you are boarding. Furthermore, the price will vary from one taxi to another. Consider your pockets and confirm and negotiate with the taxi driver before getting on the vehicle. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if you got to your destination only for you to get into a fight with the driver because they are asking for an insane amount of money as fare – because you are a tourist, and tourists got a lot of money to spare. Be full of care.

Private or Shared Shuttle – probably the best option for most people. Most of these are in good shape, well maintained (especially the private ones), and you can book one in advance. Liberia Airport Shuttle is the name you should be looking for if are be considering this choice. This is a good choice if you prefer it; therefore, not much will be written concerning it.

Bus – probably a public bus. These function on a schedule and you’re likely to miss one and wait for some time before another one comes if you won’t be aware of the time they depart from the airport. Mind you that they are not air-conditioned, so if you plan to use one, wear something with enough ventilation.

Air you know it, it’s expensive. There’s a small airport in Tamarindo that you can get to from the other airport you arrived in Costa Rica. If you are lucky, you can get good deals that will at least make it more affordable for you. Obviously, this is an option for those who prefer it. Now you know.

Rental Car – the best option for those who intend to explore the surroundings of Tamarindo, and also those who like driving. Not a very cheap option but if you go for it, chances are that you can afford it.

Hotel Transfer – depending on the hotel you booked your accommodation, they could make arrangements for you to be transported from the airport to the hotel in Tamarindo. It probably won’t be a cheap option, but who said that first class services come cheap?

Let’s go to Tamarindo, and Explore and Discover.

If you have any questions, please ask below!