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Top Travel Trends to Follow in 2019

Travelling has always been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things you can do. It reminds you who you are while opening the world up to you. Of course, as time goes on, people figure out more and more ways to travel. If you want to get in on the action and experience new ways of travel, you should look into the current trends of 2019. This way, you’ll guarantee you’ll be out of your comfort zone and getting the most out of your holiday, which is, in essence, the purpose of traveling.

1. Conscious travel

This travel trend refers to the how rather than the where when it comes to choosing your destination. 2019 is the peak of awareness for human rights as well as eco-conscious behavior. This is why conscious travel is becoming increasingly popular. You should choose your destinations according to the social issues that the country faces. If you know that your arrival will not have a positive impact on the inhabitants, it’s wise to choose another destination.

People are also choosing accommodation which uses less plastic and creates more waste. As well as that, they make sure they’re creating as little waste as possible while on the run. This also includes thoroughly cleaning up after a camping trip or picking up all of your garbage from the beach. After all, being kind to people and the nature around you is the only way to make a real change. Do thorough research on destinations you pick before you actually go.

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2. Digital detoxing

Technology is a huge part of our lives now, and that can feel overwhelming for most people. To break the barrier of technology, you can choose to follow the trend of digital detoxing. This term implies choosing a destination where you’ll get to enjoy everything nature has to offer, without the distraction of phones or any other devices. You can choose a far away destination surrounded by nature yourself, or you can opt for specialized retreats that help you detox.

One of those is The Ranch Malibu. They even have specialized programmes to help you relax and unwind, as well as de-clutter your brain from the digital mess. Yoga and hiking are the two most common activities in such retreats, but you’ll probably walk away with refined meditation skills, too.

3. The more unusual the better

Waking up your adventurous spirit is all the rage right now, so you might as well get in on the action. The Earth is a big place, and not exploring everything it has to offer is such a waste. You can try getting close and personal with safari expeditions or camping in the wilderness. Hiking the most mesmerizing trails also seems to be an adequate way to get an adrenaline rush. Another idea is to look for the most unusual and quirky accommodation.

For example, why not stay in a hotel under the sea? See fishes swim right by your room as you prepare for the day. The whole holiday can be spent in the hotel, just admiring the life around you. Have you ever thought about visiting the Antarctic? This, too, is a wonderful way to escape the ordinary and familiarize yourself with Earth’s other side.

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4. Instagram holidays

If your goal is to have an Instagram worthy holiday but still have something to do aside for taking pictures, you should visit Bali. It is a relatively inexpensive destination with a plethora of opportunity to take mesmerizing pictures all your friends will envy as much as they’ll adore them. After all, Bali might be the closest thing we have to heaven on Earth.

You can relax by swimming in the clear waters and enjoying the warm sand on the beach, or you can just walk around and get to know the place while Instagramming every moment. Don’t miss out on Bali’s famous massages, either. The accommodation should match the luxury of the destination, which is why most people opt for pool villas. The amazing selfies you can get in those mirrors may even set insta on fire.

5. Traveling solo

There has long been a stigma around traveling alone. It’s usually said that this is a group activity fit for friends, family, or partners. Nothing’s stopping you from having your own grand adventure, though. In fact, this year it’s encouraged. By traveling alone, you’ll be able to tailor the entire itinerary to yourself. You’ll never have so much freedom as you will when setting foot in the world by yourself.

Visit a place you’ve always dreamed of and take a long walk by yourself. See all the museums and tourist attractions, and book every tour you find interesting with no regrets. The type of holiday you choose depends on you entirely, but things like wellness or adventure holidays are usually best suited for individuals.


As you can see, traveling doesn’t have to include just lounging about on a beach and soaking in the sun. Alternative ways of travel exist, and those kind of holidays are becoming more and more popular. Don’t miss out on an adventure of a lifetime this year, as the aforementioned trends will certainly give you valuable memories you’ll cherish forever.

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