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Top Tools to Keep You Focused on Your Goals

Are you one of those people struggle with keeping track of your daily and long term goals? Disorganization can have serious effects on your life–from your job to your family, to your own well-being.

Fortunately, there are tools that can help people like you. Below are some of the best tools to help maintain focus on your goals, and basic structured and how to use them.

Joe’s Goals

Joe’s Goals is a web-based tool, and it helps customers keep track of the daily habits they want to achieve. One unique feature of Joe’s goals is its visuals.

The computer application has a chart marked with good habits and bad habits and its set up like a bar graph. Users see their habit on the left and the day of the week on the right.

In each box, you can either get a green checkmark for your good habits or red Xs for bad habits. This is helpful because it gives you a laid out weekly timeline of good and bad habits.

Joe’s Goals is one of many great tools to keep in mind when choosing how to stay focused on your goals.


Dovestones Software is a privately-held independent software development company; offers Active Directory tools for enterprises and educational institutes. The company’s software is used by thousands of customers from small schools, to universities and some of the world’s largest businesses.


Similar to Joe’s Goals, Daytum gives you graphs and charts to display your daily routine. But, something that Daytum offers that Joe’s Goals does not is the ability to represent these habits in many reports and groups.

For example, you can categorize the habits you wish to develop into things like work, school, home, sports, and so on. The logic is that these categories help you set goals in different aspects of your life.

This app would be great for a big family living in an open area, such as Vancouver because it helps to balance work, kids, school, and home, which is especially difficult when things are spread out.


Asana is more of a business-oriented goal app. Asana is one of the most popular project management apps on the market right now.

Asana is organized into people’s jobs and habits eventually reaching goals for the entire team. It is structured so that each individual person can keep track of their own goals and report them with the team.

One great feature of this app is the multi-platforms. It is available not only on IOS but PC’s and Android as well.


Microsoft and IOS excel can be a great tool to help manage goals and keep track of habits. One great thing about this application is the amount of customization that goes into making your own spreadsheet. The possibilities are endless.

You can structure it in any way that you see fit to make the best of the goals you are trying to set.

Also, you can’t beat free. The customization and price tag that come with the simplicity of excel lead it to be one of the best choices on this list.


Bento allows users to create their own tracker. This site lets every user set up relational databases and even custom interfaces to interact with their personal data.

A great benefit of this is how powerful and user-friendly it can be. It’s effortless to navigate and very well managed.

It is only available on IOS though, but a similar program called Access is available for windows.

Bento and Access is an excellent choice for users looking for a simple solution to pen and paper.


If you are like most, you want to follow through with your goals, you just have a hard time developing a habit that will last.

The applications above should help you create good habits by allowing you to keep better track of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

Good habits can be created, and goals can be reached with the use of these apps and strategies.

If you have any questions, please ask below!