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Top Attractions in Singapore

singapore1Even though it is small, Singapore is an economic powerhouse. For the past century, it has been the most modern country in Southeast Asia. It integrates Malay, Arab, English, Chinese and Indian cultures and religion. It has a unique ethnic tapestry that provides its visitors a wide range of exploration and culinary opportunities to choose from. The city also offers luxury hotels and delectable cuisine as well as an awesome shopping experience for visitors.

At City Nomads, you can find a list of events, in addition to other festivals and public holidays celebrated every year to add to the Singapore’s cultural appeal.

The island nation of Singapore is located 1 deg. in the northern hemisphere in Southern Asia. The country includes the Singapore Island and other smaller islands. Due to efficient governance, the country has been flourishing in excellence, particularly in trade and tourism sectors. The capital city is also known as Singapore, which covers about 1/3 of the main land.


Due to its 60 miles location from the Equator, tropical temperatures do not vary a lot. The country is located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year and no matter when you visit, warm weather will always be available. This tropical climate welcomes both leisure and business visitors throughout the year.

Transport and Infrastructure

The infrastructure is excellent, enabling visitors to enjoy the many sites and attractions in a safe and clean environment. The Changi Airport, an award-winning airport, provides air links to other major cities across the world. The subway and train systems are well maintained, fast and efficient as well. Additionally, the there is a state of the art terminal established in Singapore as one of the leading cruising centers of Southeast Asia.

In the city, public transport is excellent and walking is a great way to explore the Singapore city, therefore, no need for a car. Major attractions can also be accessed by tour buses.

Top 3 attractions

In recent years, Singapore has been pushing for recognition as an international tourist destination, rather than a short stopover destination. The government has heavily invested in the tourism sector with top facilities in place, including huge casinos, Resorts World and the Marina Bay Sands, which have catapulted Singapore into a great visiting city.

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark: this is definitely one of Singapore's must see landmarks. The 200 meter high boat-shaped SkyPark is a 55 story tower offering a 360 deg. view of the city and beyond. The 150 meter long infinity pool, currently the largest outdoor pool in the world, is the most talked about facility in the park. This attraction has various chic bars, restaurants, gardens and spas and a jogging path as well.

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

Clarke Quay: a delightful, riverside development, the Clark Quay is packed with busting bars and restaurants, nightclubs, boutique shops that attract a steady stream of visitors. The location of Clarke Quay takes full advantage of the attractive water body emerging from the main river.


Gardens by the Bay: this is a huge and colorful, futuristic park located in the Singapore bay area. It was crowned World Building of the year in 2012 during the Architecture Festival. The Supertree structures offer a lovely skywalk over the gardens, making the destination a great fun for adults and kids.


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