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TOP 9 Sights in Kuala Lumpur: Crowd on Sail!

Malaysia is a rather cheap country for tourism, with beautiful islands and amazing nature and animals. Kuala Lumpur is a capital of Malaysia - a big noisy city with huge shopping centers and Asian restaurants. There are thousands of immigrants of different religions. The other word, the city is an Asian star, a good example of young and independent country. Perhaps, you can find here the best things in whole Malaysia. Here is a list of the brightest sights in Kuala Lumpur.


Kuala Lumpur City Center
KLCC, or Kuala Lumpur City Center is a business part of the city, its heart and brain. There are lots of tower-buildings, huge shopping centers, chic hotels and restaurants, bars here. Being the guest of the capital, you should come here to see with your own eyes the main city sight - Petronas Twin Towers.

Petronas Twin Towers
Two eight-pointed buildings are the real proud of Kuala Lumpur and the whole Malaysia. Frankly speaking, these twin buildings are not the highest in the world, but, nevertheless, they are still grand architecture monuments of the modern world. PetronasTwin Towers are 451, 9 meters high. 88 floors of the working area occupy about 40 hectares in the very center of Kuala Lumpur. There are more than 10 000 people work in its numerous offices. What is more, a unique gas cooling system is used in each building in order to save electricity. Being here, try to visit a chic shopping-center Suria KLCC, situated right between the towers.


Kaula Lampur City Center Park
Behind the towers there is a big city central park. You can easily hide from the street noise here. Smart garden, serpentines pathways are the most suitable for those people, who like running or walking the nature. In the center of the park you meet a big and beautiful fountain complex, which looks like a fairy song made of music and water every evening after 8 p. m. This water symphony is absolute interest object you'll be pleased to see in Kuala Lumpur.

Petrosains Interactive Museum
Petrosains Museum is a dream of every child. You can find a true informative answer such questions, as "everything you should know about the volcano eruption", "dinosaurs and their appearances" and many others. About all these things you can learn at the fourth level of Suria KLCC, situated between the twin towers. What is interactive museum? First of all, this is a unique opportunity for you and your kids to touch the exhibits items! You can hold them, push and ride - this is the way Petrosains Museum helps children to meet the world interesting and usefully.

Aquaria KLCC
In the center of Kuala Lumpur, not far from twin towers there is an exciting place - City Aquarium. A place is really interesting to visit - you can find more than 5 000 different sea and ocean inhabitants. Moving path leads you through the exhibition under the glassy roof of a glassy tunnel. Electric devilfishes, huge sharks, turtles and barracudas are slowly swimming under your head.


There are special hours, when visitors can feed animals. Watch the time-table and follow the requirements - each of sea inhabitants has its own feeding schedule and favourite food. There is one more beautiful place - a big pool right at the entrance, where you can touch sea star or baby shark, as you wish.

Bukit Bintang
Are you surprised? Buking Bintang is a name of the street, and the whole shopping and entertainment center in Kula Lumpur. Locals call this place "golden triangle." Buking Bintang wakes up early in the morning and falls asleep just for a second before sunrise in order to wake up again the next day. Here, walking through the numerous shopping centers, you can find everything you could expect.
Speaking about the local restaurants - they are full of Arabian dishes. Come and see here in the late evening - you should stay at the local bar at least for all night to understand the deep of Arabian nature to the full.

Ethnic districts of Kuala Lumpur (Chinatown, Little India)
Ethnic districts are three nations that were gathered together. Chinatown is famous of its rich trade history. Come and see lots of little shops here. You can also find copies of the world-famous brands here. The cheapest hotels, the most colorful bars and exotic massage are peacefully combined in Chinatown.
It is very noisy in the streets of Little India. Indians brought a lot of interesting things from their native country to Malaysia: spicy cousin, sweets, dresses paved with gold beads, fragrances. It is not difficult to find a vegetarian restaurant in Little India, making everyone happy.


Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
This is the biggest opened cage for birds in the world. The territory of Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is about 8 hectares. More than 2 000 birds live here. Most of them are from different countries all over the world, from China to New Zealand. What a nice picture! The birds are freely flying over visitors' heads or walking down the narrow park pathways.

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park
Have you ever heard about Butterfly Park? It is really amazing place! You can walk here, admiring the natural beauty of more than 120 kinds of butterflies. Special natural conditions were created: temperature, wetness, and exotic flowers. More than 15 000 flora samples form the tropical atmosphere. They feel comfortable here!


This is not the end! You can find a lot of interesting places in Kuala Lumpur, a capital of great Malaysia. Planning your trip it is better to learn everything about your route and transport you need. You can use car rental just from the airport to your hotel. It is much better and really wise. Knowing nothing about the city, it is easy to get lost. You can also use a rental car, travelling with the whole family or being limited in time. Minimal rental term here is one day with no limits.

To make your trip more colorful you should use such classical way of transport in Kuala Lumpur as above-ground subway. It is rather unusual, isn't it? Anyway, wherever that may be, your first meeting the city begins from transport.

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