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Top 8 Most Popular Destinations for Gamblers in 2019

In recent years, cyberspace has developed a very compelling argument to define itself as the best betting “destination” in the world. But if you are thinking of trying a brick and mortar casino in favor of online casinos, what is the first on your list?

Let’s take a look at the most popular places in the world to bet and play in 2019. The list has been reduced to eight, but more and more countries are interested in legalizing casino games.


London has a long and illustrious history of important casinos. London has enjoyed gaming venues of one kind or another for centuries. In fact, some of the oldest gentlemen’s clubs like Crockfords still exist.

However, not being a great gambler does not have to prevent you from enjoying a totally legal roulette and blackjack in London casinos. After a recent change in the law, you can directly enter most of London’s casinos without being a member of any of them.

Slot machines and roulette dominate the London casino market, but most also have specific poker rooms. You can also play automatic roulette through electronic terminals, even in smaller casinos.

Betting on gambling in this city is largely a “social” event, so expect to find bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the game. Only half a kilometer around the Leicester Square area, you have four or five casinos, starting with the renovated Hippodrome Casino. This establishment used to be an important entertainment venue in the 1920s and later a disco.

The best bets: Bet hard on Crockfords.

Disadvantages: Staying around Leicester Square is expensive; The ground floor of Hippodrome Casino can be filled on weekends.


A reform of the gambling laws has made Singapore a mandatory destination for Asian and worldwide players.

In recent years, Singapore has reformed their gambling laws and has taken full advantage of the arrival of Chinese VIP players, who have been delaying their visit to the city of Macau. Singapore is an alternative; the most important gaming companies, such as Resorts World and Sands, have mega-casinos here.

The Integrated Resorts World Sentosa Casino has exclusive rooms with tropical underwater views, allowing you to choose from more than 2,400 video slots and game tables.

The Marina Bay Sands Casino has a space of about 4,500 square meters, divided into four levels, and the amazing amount of 600 tables. The Sic Bo, blackjack and 1,500 slot machines are waiting for you. You can even join a local Sands Rewards club to earn some bonus dollars.

The best bets: Resorts World Sentosa, with hotel rooms with underwater views; 1,500 slot machines at the Sands Marina Bay casino.

Disadvantages: Singaporeans cannot play at local casinos without paying a tax.


Macao competes with Las Vegas for the title of “Best Gambling Destination.”

On the world list, Macao remains the biggest rival of Las Vegas in terms of gambling destinations. The Cotai Strip is the place to go, where Australian game legend James Packer opened his City of Dreams casino with a lot of hype and saucer.

The casino stands out for its Hollywood theme (which is completed with the Batman Ride), and a Ferris wheel forming an eight on one of the hotel’s facades.

If you have visited Las Vegas before, you will recognize some of the brands offered. The Venetian, Hard Rock and MGM Grand have establishments in Macau; they have a selection of gaming tables and slot machines. The minimum bets throughout the city are quite low as well.

The best bets: The best Chinese food in the “five-star restaurants” of City of Dreams; minimum low bets throughout the city.

Disadvantages: Hotel rates may be high in some of the most important casinos.


A visit to the Las Vegas Strip should be on everyone’s list.

Where to start with Las Vegas? After being a mandatory stop for players and road travellers, Las Vegas has become the playground in the United States in less than 70 years.

The city constantly reinvents itself. You can stay in modern hotels like the ARIA on The Strip or watch a world-famous musical at the Mirage or the Venetian. As an alternative, you can visit the city center to play as in the old school, in the style of the sixties. The shark pool with a slide in the Golden Nugget alone is worth the trip.

Thousands of the best (and worst) poker players in the world head to Las Vegas every summer to participate in the World Series of Poker, which is held in the Rio. Even if you are a Texas Hold’em beginner, you can find a game that suits your level and pocket.

As more States in the United States are beginning to legalize online gambling and offer online casino licenses, an increasing number of the land-based casinos are also starting to offer casino online gambling.

The best bets: Stay on The Strip to bet on gambling, roulette, and video slots 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; enjoy eating the best in the Bellagio or El Rio; head to the city center to enjoy a relaxed, old-school style.

Disadvantages: The complementary benefits and services are no longer what they were. Some of the most modern hotels in Las Vegas do not have the high class of the old school.


Come and play in their casinos, stay to see the Australian Open and enjoy delicious winter weather.

Right now, Australia is experiencing a massive expansion of the casinos. But while new projects of large tourist complexes in Perth, Cairns, and Sydney continue on the horizon, you can head to the masterpiece of Australian gambling: The Crown Casino.

Crown Resorts is the leader in Australia when it comes to casinos and you are unlikely to find a better place to play in this country.

Visit it in January to enjoy the legendary Aussie Millions Poker Championship and by the way, you can stay to see the Australian Open. Even so, the Crown is a great place worthwhile at any time of the year. Blackjack, baccarat, dice, and “pokies” are part of the offer to highlight.

The best bets: The Aussie Millions and the WSOP Bonus Hold’em at Crown Casino; a cosmopolitan city with incredible restaurants and bars; Don’t miss the Australian Open when you visit the city.

Disadvantages: It is far if you live on the other side of the globe. Traveling from one point to another in Australia can be long and complicated.


One of the oldest casinos in the world; if you visit it, be sure to take your wallet full.

Monte Carlo, the billionaires’ playground, has some of the oldest casinos in the world. Let’s start with the Monte Carlo Casino, a place that has offered gambling to the principality since the mid-19th century.

You will feel so overwhelmed by the decoration of the ornate Salles des Amériques that you may forget to bet. The room is fully dedicated to slot machines. On the other hand, the spacious Salle Blanch allows you to play roulette and the French specialty: Trente et Quarante.

While you’re there, don’t forget to go to the Sun Casino, a place in Monte Carlo that features board games and slot machines.

The best bets: Outdoor roulette in the White Room Terrance, in the Monte Carlo Casino; fast-paced action at the Salons Super Privés.

Disadvantages: Very expensive for a vacation; the city fills in the summer; There are only four casinos to play.


Could Sochi be the new Las Vegas in the world? Winter sports enthusiasts would agree.

After a great campaign against gambling a few years ago, Russia has been very busy implementing special “playgrounds” throughout the country. Sochi is one of the most recent additions to the list of safe places and, as the host of the 2014 Winter Olympics, the city is making the most of its time.

The Sochi Casino & Resort opened in 2017 and there is a real enthusiasm for entertainment. The complex has five-star restaurants and a theater, as well as the casino.

The most important poker events took place in 2017 and many more are expected to remain. For casino fans, Sochi has blackjack, American Roulette, and local delicacy: Russian poker. A variant of the Oasis Poker, which also offers Betway Casino, and which can be played with real money.

The best bets: Russian poker, baccarat and big draws at Sochi Casino & Resort; Recommended for skiing and enjoying winter sports.

Disadvantages:All foreign visitors need a visa; Almost inhospitable in the middle of winter.


Manila is becoming one of the most promising gaming destinations in Asia.

Manila has several large hotel complexes, with City of Dreams, Okada, and Midas a short distance from each other or near the Entertainment City complex. You can also enjoy spa areas and free breakfasts at most casino centers.

The City of Dreams subsidiary in Manila lays on 6.2 hectares and places great emphasis on card games. Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Pontoon, and Lunar Poker are available at the complex. Asian games like Sic Bo are also present, of course. Arm yourself with some slot strategy and try some of the thousands of video slots you’ll find in the city.

The best bets: One of the must-see stops on the Asian poker tour; great emphasis on card games; Massive rewards programs throughout the city.

Disadvantages: Avoid the rainy season, which seems to last about seven months a year.

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