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Top 7 Places to Visit in Asia

Are you thinking of visiting the Asian continent on your next trip? Do you have an idea of the places to visit that will make your trip memorable? Below you are the answers to your questions and much more regarding Asia.

1. Penang

Penang city is found in the state Malaysia popularly known to have the most delicious food you can ever think of. Its occupants are known to be very proud of the island and therefore they take good care of its resources. Visiting Penang will give you a chance to experience the best cuisines ever in southern Asia. While in the town make a point to visit the hip museum to have a feel of Malaysian artifacts. Extend your visit to George Town and buy yourself nice jewelry before traveling back.

2. Borneo

Did you know that Borneo is one of the largest islands on earth? Yes, it is; besides that, it happens to be very natural and unhampered. Among Borneo’s great features are the generous rainforest and the orangutans. This gorgeous island has two states. The Sabah state which has its capital at Kota Kinabalu and Sarawak whose capital is Kuching. Sarawak is known to have a beautiful waterfront attractive to most travelers visiting. While on the island ensure to have a taste of the seafood. The prices for the food are relatively cheap and affordable that you shouldn’t miss to try out. If you love shopping the islands has plenty supply of beautiful artifacts and ornaments to take away.

3. Siem Reap

Going to Siem Reap will you give an opportunity to visit and interact with the Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat happens to be a heritage site for the UNESCO world. For more than 900 years the temples at Angkor have stood strong spreading along hundreds of miles in the jungle. This iconic site of Cambodia is said to receive more than 1M travelers annually.

4. Tokyo

The first and ever-growing Tokyo is among the earth’s biggest mixed economy of the time. The city is way high above big names such as the New York City. Tokyo city is expensive in terms pricing and accommodation compared to other destinations in Asia. However, this doesn’t necessarily imply that you won’t have the best time visiting. Tokyo has very high advances in technology that most travelers seek to experience. Such developments include the talking toilets and marvelous designs of its structures. No wonder Tokyo happens to be the capital of Japan.

5. Singapore

Singapore is an incredibly exciting city to visit. The green nature of the city is quite charming coupled with its perfect location as an island. During your visit to the city, you will get to interact with its diverse culture and enjoy the nice native food. Most of its population which is a mix of Indians and Chinese speak English. You will, therefore, have an easy time interacting with them throughout the tour.

6. Beijing

Beijing city in China happens to be China’s finest destination. As much Beijing happens to have big numbers of occupants and therefore more crowded, it never loses its appeal. Majority of travelers still love it due to its vast shopping opportunities. Some of the great features that the city has are the great wall. The great wall together with Beijing’s Forbidden City forms part of the heritage sites of the UNESCO world.

7. Bali

Bali town in Indonesia will give nothing short of your dream adventures. The town’s vast coverage with beautiful beaches and the volcanic landscapes is immensely magical. Bali actually tops among the great destinations that Asia has got an offer. An exciting beach to look out for while in Bali is the Kuta beach found in the south. Taking an afternoon stroll to unwind after daylong trekking in the city should be more fulfilling. If you love hiking then take your chances with the volcano found at Kinta Mani. Interacting with the Hindu culture is also one of the things you get to enjoy in Bali. Take time to probably shop for a sari or beautiful jewelry on your way back.


Taking a trip to any of the above destination won’t disappoint at all. Simply take time to prepare in advance and make bookings where necessary. Ensure that your backpack is intact, and any other travel gear you might need. To make it even more fun take your loved ones along. Hey! Do not think so much, just go ahead and make more memories in Asia.

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