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Top 5 Unconventional Things To Do In Mumbai

Mumbai City 1Welcome to the city of dreams - Mumbai or as we adore calling it ‘Bombay’. A standout amongst the most dynamic urban communities of India, this fabulous dwelling houses the visionaries, strugglers, big names and achievers has significantly more to offer than just dreams. As somebody has appropriately said that this city never dozes yet with regards to recreation there are scores of things to do in Mumbai. Browse a variety of choices: appreciate a sentimental supper on a journey, fly high over the serene Mumbai shorelines or satisfy your enterprise thirst by enjoying different exciting outings. If you are stuck with your daily routine in Bangalore, try and come to Mumbai for a relaxing weekend.

  1. Go on a romantic dinner on a yacht: Get prepared for a fantasy date with a late night journey on appealing shores of Arabian Sea with your dearest. Taste in smooth wine, while getting a charge out of the quiet and dim night view of Mumbai on your yacht. Get away from all common stresses for two hours and simply feel the cool wind and in the middle of sprinkles of the wavy water as you appreciate beautiful night excellence encompassing you. Come back with an extremely valuable memory of this sumptuous memory engraved at the forefront of your thoughts until the end of time.
  1. Relish awesome street food: Mumbai and Street Food are positively equivalent words for each other. While here, you just can’t miss diving into heavenly street food of Mumbai. Experience the best of bona fide nearby flavors - begin with the mark dish of whole Maharashtra - Vada Pav. Satisfy your zest buds with plate of delectable Bhelpuri at Chowpatty, witness the picturesque sun setting behind the peaceful waters of Arabian Sea. After a spicy starter feast, get prepared for some delightful Muslim cooking. Feel the buzz around Minara Masjid and Bhendi Bazaar, experience assortment of meats while in these roads.
  1. Cycle through South Mumbai: Regardless of the amount you think about Mumbai, there is continually something new that you experience each time you visit this spot. With regards to exploring another spot, cycling is presumably the best alternative that gives you close perspective of the city. Jump onto your ride and begin exploring Mumbai more than ever! Respect the notable design and spell bouncing attractions, for example, Gateway of India, Nariman Point and so forth. Ride through unexplored avenues, wide streets and stunning paths of this city of dreams.
  1. Kayaking: On the off chance if you thought that Mumbai is all about fabulousness and no adventure then reconsider! Kayaking is one outing that you just can’t miss from rundown of things you can do in Mumbai. Enjoy an exciting Kayaking adventure at Chowpatty. Vanquish the rising tides as you maneuver your kayak, extinguish your thirst of adventure with a kayaking experience more than ever. Take in the air as you set yourself free on the wavy waters of the Arabian Sea. Prepare yourself to witness a totally new - bold Mumbai.
  1. Bollywood tour in Mumbai: Witness a live shooting of different up and coming films. Be the first to get your most loved big names practicing a scene lines or their enthusiastic dance moves. For an impassioned bollywood fan, Mumbai is absolutely an extraordinary city. Get an opportunity to meet your most loved superstar. From every single other thing you can do in Mumbai, this one action will doubtlessly make you experience your Teenage fan days.

Along with these there are many famous places to visit in Mumbai. So, take a weeklong vacation from your routine life and book your ticket to have time of your life.


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