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TOP 10 Spots For Swimming and Sunbathing in Lisbon

fdffewfLisbon Riviera is a world-recognized resort, which provides great opportunities for everyone who likes hot sun, snow-white sand and warm sea water. If you have chosen Lisbon to relax on the beach, congratulations! You will not regret it!

Need a proof of it? Then check out TOP 10 Lisbon's spots for swimming, sunbathing and full relaxing…

1. Praia de Caxias
This is the closest beach to Lisbon. Praia de Caxias is located near the San Bruno Fort. The beach is very beautiful and well-protected from the wind. However, despite the close proximity to the city, it's not very crowded.
There are no umbrellas, sun loungers and shower there, but the beach is cleaned regularly and the water quality is excellent of it. You can also find a cozy restaurant right on the beach. Free parking is at your disposal there.
Coordinates: 38.698587, -9.276616

2. Praia de Paco de Arcos
Paco de Arcos is not very wide beach, but it offers quite comfortable conditions for those who want to swim or sunbathe.
If necessary, umbrella rentals, showers, restaurants, sport fishing and water sports opportunities are available there. In addition, Paco de Arcos features very convenient entry into the water providing excellent conditions for families with children.
Coordinates: 38.690221, -9.298189

3. Praia de Santo Amaro de Oeiras
This is a wide sandy beach located in Oeiras district. Being one of the most popular beaches among holidaymakers, it offers all necessary facilities - umbrella and sunbed rentals, showers, WC, medical center, parking, volleyball and football playgrounds. The beach is patrolled by lifeguards. There's also McDonald's right on the territory.
Coordinates: 38.685785, -9.306528


4. Praia da Torre
Praia da Torre is a lovely sandy beach situated next to the Sao Juliao da Barra Fort. This is a very unique spot, because it has the official status of the beach for swimming and its water conditions are verified by the National Water Institute (INAG).
Praia da Torre features several restaurants, sunbed rental, medical center and free parking.
Coordinates: 38.676145, -9.320913

5. Praia de Carcavelos
With the length of 1.3km, Praia de Carcavelos is the largest beach among the closest ones to the city center. Therefore, it's crowded even on weekdays. There are always lots of surfers there. This is because of the water sports school located right on the beach.
During summer, bars and restaurants are open there even at night. The beach is well-equipped and features shower, restaurant, umbrella rentals, free parking, lifeguard, WC, bar, medical center and volleyball playgrounds.
Coordinates: 38.679818, -9.334166

6. Praia das Avencas
Praia das Avencas is a small sandy beach situated at the foot of the cliff which separates it from the coastal highway. Its major features are free parking, restaurant, bar, umbrella rentals, lifeguard, soft sand, and magnificent mountains around. Praia das Avencas is a perfect spot for sunbathing.
Coordinates: 38.688486, -9.360513

7. Praia Sao Pedro de Estoril
Sao Pedro de Estoril beach is protected by a huge cliff from the motorway running along the coast. The beach is very popular among fishermen and surfers because of its enormous water waves. On the stone terraces you'll find cafes, restaurants and a surf school. This beach is ideal for full relaxation…
Coordinates: 38.693066, -9.367961


8. Praia da Poca
This is another beach of Estoril. The beach is situated at the end of the promenade, which stretches from Cascais. On the 200-meter length strip of sand you can find everything you need: sunbed and umbrella rentals, showers, restaurant, lifeguards and free parking. The water quality is excellent there.
Coordinates: 38.702398, -9.391646

9. Praia da Rainha
Praia da Rainha is a nice beach located in a cozy cove in Cascais. Its major feature is that the beach season starts there earlier than in many other places of Lisbon-in May. The beach is separated from the bustling city by a cliff that makes it a perfect spot for those who're searching for seclusion.
Of course, showers, lifeguards and other facilities are presented there.
Coordinates: 38.699896, -9.417614

10. Praia da Ribeira
Praia da Ribeira is situated in the center of Cascais and offers its visitors great opportunities for relaxing and lots of amazing entertainments. Concerts, festivals, and different watersports competitions are often held there. The beach features free parking, soft sand and smooth entry into the water. So, don't worry if you want to come there with your kids.
Coordinates: 38.697464, -9.419424


These were Lisbon's TOP 10 spots for full relaxing. Want to check them out? Well, just use a rental car with GPS navigator to find these amazing spots hassle-free!

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