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Three Ways to Find a Car on Rent while Traveling


Car rental often becomes a problem for domestic and international travelers. While planning a trip to any part of India or abroad, find the best and cost effective car service provider proves to be a challenge. Though various options are available, one must tread with caution.

Whether you are planning a trip within the country or abroad, arranging for car on rent to take you places gains priority. The car renting scenario differs from country to country in terms of rent, models of cars available on rent and the conditions implied for renting.

For example, while self driving a car on rent is popular in Western countries, the scenario is different in India. Self driven car is not popular in India. The probable reason for the same could be traffic condition where no one really wants to drive through, given a choice.

Popularity of Car on Rent

Car renting has gained popularity over the years, as it unburdens the traveler, of logistical arrangement hassles. Travelers in most cases feel more comfortable in assigning travel duties for a price to a reputed agency and thus are able to concentrate only on trip and make the most of it. As traveling in one's own vehicle is not possible, car renting has been on the rise.

While deciding on the car rental it is advisable to exercise great caution. For in a new land, the chauffeur often becomes the guide for the entire trip and can significantly elevate your travel experience or mar it. When traveling to a far off location he acts for like a guide and an attendant for emergency situations. Hence, car rental decisions should never be made in a hurry and without proper information validation.

Methods of Car Rental

While cars can be rented in a number of ways, three such modes are outlined here:

  • The easiest way to hire a car is to do so from a taxi stand around the corner. All big cities globally and even in India have a number of such stands. Passengers can choose the type of car they wish and also get an idea of the chauffeur through initial interaction. The rentals are charged generally for 8 hours and 80 kilometers across major Indian cities. However, room for negotiation is always there.
  • Travelers can also book cars for rent by directly getting in touch with car rental companies. Most of these widely publicize their contact numbers through popular medium. Customers are requested to call the number for inquiry and booking. There are multinational and national companies offering such services across most important cities, globally. Charges are higher than local renting.
  • The third and most convenient way is through the net. There are a number of websites featuring details of car rental companies, their contact details and rates. Some websites also facilitate direct booking of a model according to your choice and within your budget. The advantage of this method is the wide choice they offer. You can choose from luxury cars to a taxi from the convenience of your home even before you arrive at the place of visit.

Car Rental Services India

Whatever be your choice of medium for renting a car it is prudent to check for all necessary details and also negotiate on the rates as possible.


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