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The Top Budget Restaurants in London

London RestaurantsLondon is home to one of the best budget restaurants in the world. If you are interested in visiting some of the best budget restaurants in London, then you have come to the right place. Furthermore, if you have difficulty in finding the listed places, then you can search for the keyword "transport for London number" in the search engine. Dial the number and it will provide you with the quickest route to arrive at your desired destination.

The Gun

This budget restaurant is located near Canary Wharf, and a home to good food, clubbable informality and oasis of laughter. One of their best dishes is prawns, devilled whitebait, cheeseboard and fish finger sandwiches.


A cafe that is located at Hackney City farm that is often mistaken as being as a hangout spot for artsy and the hipster. However, the food is great at great prices. They are known for their mushroom risotto, organic brawn terrine, slow-cooked pork ragu and pappardelle pasta.

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Hackney Pearl

Hackney Pearl is a trendy café that is joyfully trying its best to do the important things very well from breakfast until late night. The place delights in serving homemade pork scratching, muffins, parsnip soup and lams and caper hash.

Tayyabs is a Pakistani grill and curry restaurant that has a predictable menu, but serves it in a very, very good way. The place is known for its famous grilled lamb chops, baked for about four hours producing a hot and spicy, hit of sweet and aromatic flavor.

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Cay Tre

Cay Tre is one of the most famous Vietnamese restaurant, and a good budget restaurant at its own right. It offers great delicate soups that have a deep depth of flavor. The noodles is also very good, a work of art by itself.

Hereford Road Restaurant

A great budget restaurant that is located at the famous Notting Hill. The place is famous for its roasted quails and lentils which are prepare meticulously, cooked to perfection and seasoned with precision.

Orange Pekoe

A place that is unique that offers specialty tea rooms with a touch of modern style. The place is known for its smoked salmon, cream cheese on muffins and Pekoe Florentine.

Santa Maria Pizzeria

Santa Maria Pizzeria is a famous budget pizza place that features the traditional wood-fired pizza oven. Their ovens are crafted from fourth generation wood-fired pizza oven makers resulting to pizza that can be defined in superlative definitions.

Clarke’s Shop

Clarke's Shop is a restaurant that is decorated in a way to give off an expensive and luxurious vibe. It would be the last thing you would think if you are looking for a good budget meal. However, looks can be deceiving, and this cafe is great at serving celeriac and Parmesan tart and Gloucester sausage roll at a reasonable and affordable prices.

Abu Zaad

Abu Zaad is a little known restaurant that is located in Damascus area. The place does not fail giving you a vibe of being a Syrian restaurant. It offers great grilled kebabs, Moroccan tagines, moussaka, Lebanese fattoush, tabbouleh and hummus. A must place to visit if you are trying to fix a Syrian food craving.

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