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The Top Barber Shops in Toronto

That’s right. Every man in the world has one, their favorite barber shop, and the men of Toronto are no exception. Toronto has shops that vary from old school barbers to new age styles and the stylists to go with them as well as everything in between.

Here are a few of the best barbershops in Toronto:

barbershopHo’s Place

This old style shop has plenty of chairs, short lines, and hard to beat prices. This shop is known for its friendly and knowledgeable barbers with a convenient Village location.

Blood and Bandages

Having only been around for a couple of years, this shop is definitely competition for its more senior counterparts. With its one chair and taxidermy covered walls it has quickly become a local favorite since opening in 2007.

Garrison’s Barber Shop

Garrison’s overlooks Trinity Bellwood Park perched on the second floor of an old house and has one of the best views of any shop in Toronto. The owners work with other local business owners to create a neighborhood vibe for their shop. Your cut may come with a free cup of coffee and dessert or a discount at Olive Spencer. The barbers are also knowledgeable and take great care with every cut.

Trufitt and Hill

This shop is the executive’s dream and prefers that you make an appointment before stopping in for a cut. With several other locations in major cities like London, Las Vegas, and Chicago the owners have created an atmosphere where even the barbers wear ties to show their dedication to the business man. Services are not limited only to haircuts but this shop also offers massages, pedicures, and other services one would expect from a spa rather than a barber shop.


The owners of this shop have only recently moved to Richmond Street but they have been around for decades. This is the old world shop to go to for the no nonsense guy. The experienced, friendly barbers here offer a quick, clean, classic cut with an atmosphere that might see a Saturday morning watching a groom and his men fuss over their cuts and watch their eyes grow wide as they see a straight razor for the first time.

Toronto’s Barbering Community Is Unparalleled

As anyone can see the barber shop community in Toronto is quite diverse. Toronto has something to offer any man that is looking for a new or old favorite spot for a cut. The knowledge and experience of the Toronto barbering community is unparalleled but one must ask where these professionals learned their trade.

Evergreen Beauty College is one such place these skills are taught. Classes can be explored at Evergreen offers classes in cuts for men and women as well as the business side to this industry for those interested in owning their own shop someday. This is a great school for learning a new and profitable trade or to be considered when making a career change when the average working guy decides he wants to be his own boss and give the men of Toronto a new favorite barber shop.

About the author:

Sam Moser is a freelance web content writer who graduated from the School of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.” Sam’s recent experiences with beauty colleges has prompted him to do a series of posts about the beauty industry as a whole.

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