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The Seven Most Beautiful Countries In The World

It’s perfectly natural for people to be proud of their country’s natural beauty, as one way or another pretty much every nation on earth has at least one feature to be proud of. Be it endless beaches, rolling countryside, grandiose mountain ranges or any other standout feature, there’s not many countries on Earth without something to be proud of. However, there’s a few which have such a stunning abundance that they deserve a special accolade. Here’s a run through of a few of those special nations.

1) Canada


Quite possibly the world’s most loved nation – in no small part for having given us the delights of Royal Vegas Online Casino – and also without doubt one of the most beautiful too. Canada is an outdoors enthusiasts dream offering ndless mountain ranges, wilderness, lakes and great rivers. All these make for a truly magical destination for anyone needing to get away from it all.

2) Italy


Rightly famed for the glory of the Alps, Tuscan hilltop vistas and the vineyards of Sardinia, Italy is blessed with a stunning mix of natural beauty – all of which can be experienced within just a couple of days of travel. However it’s not just God’s gifts that make Italy such a gorgeous nation – it’s also the man made buildings that seamlessly stand side by side with the natural beauty. Few countries manage to match Italy in this regard, with the nation rightly famed for how elegantly waterways and rivers have been used to accentuate the historic architectural Majesty.

3) Australia

Sydney Opera House and Ferry

Everyone knows that the outback alone is the size of some continents, a wilderness that holds a very particular yet captivating natural beauty. Good luck getting your Royal Vegas casino app to work out there! However don’t forget the enormous coastline that is home to some of the most perfect beaches anywhere on Earth. Oh – and the small matter of the Great Barrier Reef – an ecological marvel that’s truly unique.

4) United States


Not many countries offer such an enormous variety of natural splendor as that found Stateside. Sure they have the advantage of being rather large, but just take a second to consider a few of the standout factors why they deserve a place on this list. From the Californian beaches and Big Sur, through Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, and the grand Smokies there’s world class natural beauty in every region of this blessed nation. When it comes to contrast the USA really does hold all the cards.

5) Greece

Romantic Sunset in Santorini

Home to hundreds of gorgeous Mediterranean islands and basking in possibly the most favorable climate anywhere on Earth, Greece is a country that has truly mastered the beauty of the sea. Don’t forget the ancient architecture still standing today in staunch tribute to ancient civilizations. No matter which island you may find yourself upon, there’s always something unique to be discovered.

6) Vietnam


Many people still hold the impression that Vietnam is little more than hilly jungle, but the truth is that this is an incredibly diverse nation that packs a fair number of the world’s most stunning locations. From the Mekong Delta to the Phu Quoc and Con Dao islands, the beaches of Nha Trang and the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, it’s one of the most beautiful countries out there for casual exploring. No matter which direction you take – there’s going to be something amazing to see.

7) France


No list concerning beauty would be complete with France, with each region having a very distinctive landscape as well as a special atmosphere. This could be the Alps or the entrancing beaches of the south coast, the idyllic pastures of Provence or of course some of the most beautiful cities in the world. France is simply one of the few countries that ought to be on everyone’s ‘bucket list’ – and towards the top too!

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