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The Resort Style: How to Live Like You're Always on Vacation

beautiful-resortYou know that feeling you get about two or three days into your vacation? The one that tells you it's okay to let yourself slow down and just enjoy life? You can create that kind of resort vacation feel in your own home and the best part is, it doesn't matter where you live. Oh sure, it would be great if we could all own a home in Hawaii but regardless of whether you live on an island, the ocean, a lake, in a suburb or a bustling city center, your home décor can reflect a resort style that signals your brain to slow down and enjoy the journey as opposed to always being in a rush.

In Living Color

The first thing to ponder is the color scheme. Then decide which of these colors bring about a resort feel for YOU. In all honesty, there is no right or wrong answer here. You can go from subdued colors like sandy beige to very vibrant colors. The living space below is in bloom with yellow, blue and green - the color of the sun, sky, and grass respectively. There are different patterns in the sofa, rugs and curtains, but the colors pull it all together. Woven furniture adds the relaxed feel of a tropical locale. It's a cozy space but there is still plenty of room to move around and large windows that allow fresh breezes to sweep through.

Open Air

If your house is positioned just right, you may be able to open windows and keep the cross breezes blowing, maintaining a comfortable temperature. Floor to ceiling windows, multiple windows along a wall or windows that open to a lovely view are important for the resort style mindset. They create a comfortable environment that ushers in fresh air and blows out negativity. Windows are your eyes on the world. If your view isn't the greatest, you can hang sheers that ripple with the breeze or curtains with tie-backs. If you live in an area with lots of insects, be sure you have screens on the open windows.

Weave a Tale

Another element that makes one think of resort living is rattan or wicker furniture. These woven pieces use natural fibers to create pieces that we automatically attribute to a tropical island lifestyle that's relaxed and effortless. Most rattan and wicker can be used indoors or out making both very versatile. Even if you can't have a resort style inside your home, you can make one outside. Create your island getaway on a patio, deck or other outdoor space. Use woven all-weather furniture and add bold color fabric back and seat pillows with thick comfortable foam. Or if you stick with a solid color, toss in a few throw pillows with bright colors to make the scene pop.

Find Balance

Think about an actual resort and how everything from beach chairs to dining chairs all have a symmetry about them. They are usually perfectly spaced and balanced by other furniture in the room. Modular furniture is a good choice because you can create different configurations to suit different indoor and outdoor spaces or when you want to give the room a new look.

Plan Your Escape

Spend the rest of your life on vacation using a resort decorating style in your home. Resort style is similar to cottage style in that it adopts a relaxed way of life, but resort style has a more upscale look - like a 5-star hotel. For ideas, you can look here for ideas on resort style living at Custom Furniture World's site. These pieces have characteristics that resemble ocean waves with curved metal supports, legs and drawer fronts. Driftwood brings a touch of nature indoors for a casual yet sophisticated feel. The serenity of life on the coast is something you can have every day. Wood, woven grasses, and scalloped edges are the details that stand out on pieces created with only the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

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