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The Pleasures of the Harry Potter Studio Tour


Come to the beautiful land of London and enjoy the charms ad beautiful sights in this part of the world. The Harry Potter Studio tour is a unique experience in this part of the world. The studio is located a little away from Central London and one can get there in one's own way and this is quite tricky. One can save the trouble of reaching there by booking the Harry Potter bus from Baker Street. It may not be easy to find yet at times even searching for the place is a novel experience. The Dorset Square delights are further enhanced by the unique experiences in this part of the world. The bus stop for the Harry Potter Studio is just a couple of blocks away from Baker Street Tube station. The excitement gets higher with the bus ride and as one gets closer to the destination one can only enjoy the anticipation and the overall experience.

The Studio tour

There are helpful staff which usher one towards the free cloakroom. As one goes through the gift shop one can only marvel at the travel experiences here. One walks into an expansive room which has many screens which have the best of Harry Potter posters from across the world. The staff here is friendly and enthusiastic and makes sure that one is comfortable right here in this part of the world. There are short clips of cinema which can enjoy here and then there are those introductory movies which are dramatic experiences right here in his beautiful Harry Potter zone.

The Hotel Delights in London

London is a city that has the best kinds of city delights and makes the person absolutely comfortable and relaxed in tours here. The Park Grand Paddington Court London for example has some of the most relaxed and rejuvenated spots which provide for the best in this part of the world. Then there are various other forms of accommodation Paddington offers which make tours here totally interesting and enjoyable. Visit the hotels here and then enjoy tours like the Harry Potter tours and bring back a royal charm that is always found here right in this part of the world in London. Truly London is a city with a magnificent that comes along with a royal grandeur that is unmistakable. This is the beauty of the city and this is the beauty of the entire surrounding here. Come to London and take back a valuable travel kitty.

The Willy Wonka factory

The Willy Wonka factory is a lovely place that is indeed electric and absolutely exciting for all who visit it for the first time. The giant doors here along with the swivel effect produce the best ways of making things seem so different. As one walks into the majestic Great Hall at Hogwarts one feels as if one is a totally different world. The Studio tour also introduces one into enjoying the exhibits here along with the lovely opportunity to ride a broomstick and then have a photo taken on the giant screen as well.
There are outdoor studios with a lot of covered bridge and also the knight bus and the house where Harry lived. There is a café that offers Butterbeer so one can also film this instead of just photographing it. There are other rooms too which are mainly devoted to cosmetics and also other hair and robotic art of Hagred, dragons, griffons and the entire structure is indeed so fascinating and enjoyable.

How Best to Enjoy the Harry Potter Tour

The Harry Potter tour can be further enhanced by ensuring that it is planned and make convenient. The place has a certain charm that one has to book a ticket in advance and choose from the particular time slot. The only thing that could keep one away from the public eye is Harry's invisible cloak. School children particularly occupy the place and one has to reach here early so as to be able to see the place properly. The Harry Bus is the best option even if it is expensive. It is difficult to reach this place otherwise. One can get distressed by catching the bus and by ensuring that one arrives early and also one is aware of where Dorset Square is.

Other Tips

It is a good idea to skip the audio guide as one gets a very different experience and one would also realize that there is a lot to do inside. IF one wishes to be there for four hours then it is better to skip the audio guide and then go around the place in one's own way. While walking around, one may skip things and also see exhibits which are in the middle and on the other side. There are other things one could do and it is only when one realizes the impact that one realizes the overall experience. You will surely love this feeling.

Remember to bring some Snacks

One can bring snacks as it is a good idea to have the best kinds of stuff for eating so that one is just able to enjoy the overall culinary experience. Having a Butterbeer always helps and one only would love to savour this special drink which is really a great way of endorsing trust and faith on us. Buy 1 Butterbeer-We were going to get 2, but changed our mind and bought one to try first. We were so glad. Even between us, we couldn't finish it. The fact is that the Harry Potter show can be enjoyed by anyone who loves movies. The best way one could conjure a higher level of magic and where one could get the best delights and the real happiness.

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