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The Most Dangerous Roads in the World

In the last years the fuel price increased considerably but road traffic still remains the cheapest and quickest alternative especially for short-term trips.

Here are the top ten famous roads in the world, the so called “Death Roads” which are considered the most dangerous for travel or car transportation.

1. Las Yungas or The Youngas Road

Las Yungas

Situated in the northern part of Bolivia, it is considered the most dangerous in the world, leading from the capital city La Paz to Coroico-61 km long. An estimated 200-300 travelers are killed yearly in traffic accidents along the road. 600 meter high, the road connects the north region of the Amazon rainforest in Bolivia. Starting 1990, the road was modernized and enlarged from one to two lanes. But it still remains dangerous and a special attraction for tourists worldwide.

Here is a video by BBC:


2. Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines

Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines

This is the second major road in Philippines and the most dangerous city road is situated in Quezon, the Luzon island. 12.4 km long, the road is the widest in this country, spanning from 6 to 18 lines. Bad road regulation and heavy traffic lead to numerous accidents among cyclists and pedestrians as well as car drivers.

3. James Dalton Highway, Alaska

James Dalton Highway

Situated in Alaska and 660km long, the road begins at the Eliott Highway and ends near the Arctic Ocean at Deadhorse. Is a road full of potholes and “sprinkled” with stones that were carried by the wind. The road is the most isolated in the USA but it carries a good amount of traffic ranging from approx 150 lorries in summer to 250 in winter.

4. BR-116 Highway, Brazil

BR-116 Highway

The longest highway in Brazil leading from the city of Fortaleza in north to Jaguarão in south, it counts 4385km. The poor road’s maintenance and threats coming from the gang of thieves make it a dangerous choice for all drivers crossing it.

5. Himalaya Roads

Himalaya Roads

Almost all roads leading to Himalaya are dangerous because they are not paved and have no asphalt cover. Although in recent years local governments started the rehabilitation process, it is recommended for car drivers or at least unexperienced car drivers to avoid them.

6. The Guoliang Tunnel, China

Guoliang Tunnel

The tunnel is carved in Taihang mountains in China and links the Guoliang Village to the rest of the country. 1.2 km long and 4 meters wide, some parts of the tunnel are open over the chasm, making it extremely dangerous to cross.


7. Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

Taroko Gorge

Situated near the Taiwan’s east coast, Toroko Gorge Road crosses the 19-km-long canyon and is one of the most beautiful and dangerous roads in the world. Sharp curves and narrow structure are a real danger for all drivers who venture on this road.

8. Pasubio, Italy

Pasubio, Italy

Access to Pasubio region in northern Italy is very difficult, because crossing this road by car is permitted only up to a certain point. The prohibition does not apply to bicycles and motorcycles, so that people do not hesitate to venture on the dangerous road on two wheels.

9. The Halsema Highway, Philipines

Halsema Highway

150 kilometers long, the road connects the towns of Baguio and Bontoc. Poorly maintained, it becomes very slippery in the rainy season and becomes very dangerous to cross.

10. Skippers Canyon Road, New Zeeland

Skippers Canyon Road

The road was built in the late of nineteenth century to ease access to gold mines in Skippers Canyon, 20 kilometers away from Queenstown. The road is not broad enough as two cars coming from opposite directions to cross it simultaneously. Since 2006, the road is protected by New Zealand Historic Places Trust.

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