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The Joys of Atlantic City: Things to See and Do

ded3While every location in every corner of the globe has its own, unique sense of history, it stands to reason that some should be more fascinating than others. After all, not every destination can lay claim to having hosted the Battle of Hastings in 1066, while many of the seminal events that have shaped the world have unfolded arbitrarily in locations that may otherwise have remained a mere dot on the world map.

There are some destinations that would always have forged some kind of history, however, regardless of what the world had in store for them. Take Atlantic City, for example, which is a resort located on New Jersey’s sun-kissed Atlantic Coast. While spectacular ocean views have dominated this landscape since its settlement in the 1800’s, it has continued to evolve and develop its cultural heritage to this very day.

Things to See and Do During your Time at Atlantic City:

Interestingly, the Atlantic City resort was actually established as a health resort, and while it retains links to this identity it has grown to cater for a range of more diverse travel tastes.

Of course, such diversity can make it difficult to create a viable itinerary, particularly those visiting for a week or for the duration of a weekend city break. With this in mind, we have listed five of the most compelling activities that can help you to pass the time during your trip. These include:

  1. Visit the Iconic Boardwalk


Make no mistake; the iconic Atlantic Boardwalk is the defining feature of this coastal resort. The boardwalk was actually built back in 1870, initially to keep sand out of the resort and surrounding hotels. It is now four miles long as grown into one of the worlds’ most alluring tourist attractions, offering everything from stunning views and a carnival atmosphere to classic pubs and independent shops.

Given this, no trip to Atlantic City is complete without an evening stroll along the boardwalk, where you never quite know who you will meet or the adventures you will experience.

  1. Experience Real History on the Steel Pier


For history fans, a trip to the similarly iconic Steel Pier is also a must. This sturdy structure is a living, breathing piece of the roaring ‘20s, which was once packed with crowds, ballrooms and famous entertainers like Al Jolson. Although the pier was tragically destroyed in a fire during the 1970s, it has since been rebuilt and is now modern resort that includes a number of eye-catching features and an amusement park.

The developers have still managed to revive the spirit of the original venue and its unique history, however, making a truly special and unique feature along the Atlantic City landscape.

  1. Enjoy a Classic Gaming Experience

Of course, Atlantic City is also synonymous with gaming, and much of its economic success has been built on the revenues and global appeal of outlets such as the Borgata. It is something of a spiritual home for the pastime, so it is well worth checking out some of the prominent resorts within the city.

While many of you may have experienced contemporary gaming by playing on and similar platforms, Atlantic City offers you an opportunity to consider this in a new, exciting and more sociable lights.

  1. Enjoy the Boardwalk’s 3D Light and Sound Show


We return to the Boardwalk now, for an altogether more universal and modern form of entertainment. You will often notice crowds gathering from eight o’clock onwards every night along the Boardwalk, many of whom are there to see the daily 3D Light and Sound Show.

This produces truly stunning special effects that are projected onto the façade of Boardwalk Hall, and while the spectacle lasts for just eight minutes or so it is a pulsating experience and something that remains ideal for young families. In fact, the short duration of the spectacle makes it even more appealing, as it always leaves the audience wanting (and often demanding) more.

  1. Enjoy Classic Atlantic City Cuisine

Now while Atlantic City may not possess the type of regional cuisine that is associated with locations such as New Orleans, its menus are simply, tasty and most importantly cheap. The locals know what they like, and while the city is home to numerous, high-end eateries the staple cuisine consists of street food and lightly fried bites!

If you do yearn for something a little more unique or expensive, talk a walk along the Boardwalk and check out the premium, crispy onion-roasted tomato blue cheese salad. A fun twist on an Atlantic City classic, this is a culinary experience that every traveller should look to immerse themselves in!

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